Do you often find yourself thinking, “日本食を食べたい!(Nihonshoku wo tabetai, I want to eat Japanese food)”? Well, no more worries about the lack of good Japanese cuisine or food allergies because you can now learn how to whip up some Japanese cuisine and/or pastries from our list of the 10 best Youtube Japanese cooking channels.

1. cook kafemaru

This channel features many easy-to-prepare Japanese bento meals such as onigiri or sushi, or adorable pastries, cookies and bread that even beginners can try out. There’s even a section dedicated to green tea pastries!

2. Cooking with Dog

Hosted by a humourous canine host, Francis, and his mysterious chef, you can pick up some cooking tips and delicious recipes to make a full meal from this channel. In addition to vegetables and meat dishes, there are also many tantalizing desserts to choose from.

3. ochikeron

Want to learn how to make adorable kyaraben (キャラ弁, character lunch box)? This channel shows you how, along with great ideas for Japanese desserts.

4. Cooking with Ai

This channel introduces many no-frills, wholesome and traditional Japanese food. You can also learn many valuable cooking and preparation tips, and tricks to make your food more authentically Japanese.

5. bonobos25

This channel features many cute pastries and sweets made in the shape of Mickey, Rilakkuma and Gudetama. It also showcases interesting Japanese DIY kits.

6. ビデリシャス | 料理と暮らしのレシピ動画メディア

You can find many vegan recipes and western pastries in this channel. Or, just enjoy the beautifully shot preparation process. English subtitles are available for some videos.

7. Hey! It’s Mosogourmet!! あっ、妄想グルメだ!

This channel has many creative arrangements for their food, and also beautiful Japanese-style pastries which are definitely Instagram-worthy. You will be inspired to try more variations for your food.

8. Nozamama

Subscribe to this channel for some wholesome Aomori home cooking, or try out the recipes as a family activity. There are also snack ideas you can make for your children (or yourself).


Learn how to make wholesome and enticing food from this channel and never spurn a meal ever again. In fact. these meals look so good that they can be prepared for guests.

10. Namiko Chen

Master Japanese cutting techniques and/or how to make tasty authentic Japanese food from this channel. Her repertoire ranges from chicken, beef to pork dishes, and beautiful Japanese desserts like mochi. Detailed recipes can also be found at her website.

*Bonus Video*

Miniature SpaceIf you just want to relax and watch a cooking show, check out Miniature Space for its incredibly dexterous host who makes miniature food!

You can also check out Bentomonsters (featured photo) which has many delightful kyaraben (キャラ弁, character lunchbox) tutorials. The food looks so adorable as it is yummy!

Happy eating! Itadakimasu!

*Header image by Pepper




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