Donburi gets its influence from a variety of cultures, reflecting the different kinds of ingredients used as condiments as well as preparation methods. It has become so integrated into the Japanese cuisine, that it is not seen as a foreign creation, but as a homogenous Japanese dish that is tasty and convenient.

With so many creations in the market, we have summed up the top 10 must-try Donburi for you!

Gyu Don 牛丼

Savour tender slices of beef and caramelised onions doused in a savoury sweet sauce atop warm rice. The beef and onions are simmered and often topped with a raw egg or soft poached egg. Also known as the Japanese version of fast food, this classic Japanese beef rice bowl is popular with students and office workers.

Oyako Don 親子丼

All you need is these three main ingredients to create this wholesome and delicious rice bowl: chicken, egg and rice. Oyako Don, which literally means, “parent-and-child” when translated, features both egg and chicken simmered together with other ingredients and topped over hot steamy rice.

Buta Don 豚丼

Feast on mouth-watering char-grilled slices of Buta (豚, pork) seasoned with a mildly sweet sauce. “Buta” which means pork in Japanese, is eaten with rice and glazed with the sauce.

Ten Don天丼

Ten Don” is the short form for tempura and consists of battered pieces of vegetables and deep-fried ebi (shrimp) deep-fried. Place the tempura over your bowl of rice and drizzle it with sauce to enjoy the flavour of this rice bowl!

Kaisen Don 海鮮丼

A treat for all seafood lovers, pamper yourself with fresh pieces of several types of sashimi. You can have it as zuke (づけ, marinated) or non-marinated.

Recently, aburi (炙り, seared) versions have been getting more popular, as well as adding contemporary ingredients such as avocado.

Yakitori Don 焼き鳥丼

Enjoy this Japanese rice bowl with bite-sized pieces of chicken meat which have been skewered and grilled over charcoal in a thick glaze of a special tare (タレ, sauce).

Una Don うな丼

As one of the pioneers of donburi, this bowl has maintained its popularity among the Japanese and is custom to eat during summer to fight the heat. Tuck into smoky charcoal-grilled eel with a slightly creamy meat over a bed of rice.

Katsu Don カツ丼

One of the more well-known variants of donburi, you will be able to enjoy a filling meal of tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlet) wrapped in egg, onions and condiments. Simple and fuss-free, students in Japan eat it before a major exam as “Katsu” means “to win” in Japanese.

Ikura Don いくら丼

Rice topped with salmon roe and shiso leaves, each Ikura is literally bursting with flavour and is a match made in heaven with plain rice.

Maguro Don マグロ丼

Tuna sashimi atop warm fluffy rice. There are three kinds of cut including Akami (赤身, lean meat), Chutroro (中トロ, medium fatty meat) and Otoro (大トロ, premium fatty meat).

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