1. It’s HUGE!

The new store is approximately 2,700 square meters over three levels and houses some of the region’s first and most unique displays.

2. The first dedicated UT (UNIQLO T-shirt) corner in SEA

Located on Level 1 it will showcase exclusive UT designs created through popular collaborations. Here you’ll be able to find pieces by Olympia Le-Tan, Bruno Munari and even music celebrity Pharrell Williams. There’ll also be a one-of-a-kind Disney Collection City Logo UTs featuring Mickey Mouse with the iconic Merlion.

3. First SEA UNIQLO store to have dark wood flooring and black display fixtures 

Contrary to UNIQLO’s iconic minimalistic white stores, this one will have a special darker display that evoke the mood of Singapore and Southeast Asia to show off largest product line-up in the region including brand’s full assortment of LifeWear.

Get ready to shop till you drop!

4. Over 300 mannequins…some even move!

UNIQLO’s iconic rotating mannequins will be an integral part of UNIQLO Orchard Central’s display along with some 350 in-store mannequins – the same number as the UNIQLO Ginza Global Flagship Store in Tokyo.

5. Largest number of digital displays 

With almost 300 digital displays, the store will have the largest number of any UNIQLO store in the world including a 360° digital display made up of 47 screens on Level 3.

6. They’ll be working closely with the community

The store will have various outreach programmes to engage the community through the use of a specially designed creative space that serves as a launch pad for creativity and self-expression – these include music, video and specially designed items.

Better grab those limited edition shirts before they run out!

7. Original in-store music

UNIQLO will be working with Syndicate — an audiovisual collective and independent record label who’s works include live electronic music showcases to architectural projection mapping, art installations and photography. The original music will be executive produced by Syndicate cofounders, Kiat and Cherry Chan, two of the leading electronic music producers in Singapore, and created with 10 music producers.

8. Exclusive canvas tote bags and shopping bags

These bags are designed together with the local artist community and include works from illustrators such as Soh Ee Shaun, MIGHTYELLOW, Wu YanRong, John Fan, Deon Phua, Kevin Too, Lydia Ong and Russell Ong.

9. “U + S and the World” Creative Concept

In U+S we believe
Simplicity is the purest canvas
Igniting imagination
Inspiring creative expressions
Through innovative clothing that enable us to do more
As Uniqlo + Singapore
We’re shaping a new world
A new Singapore
As a lively new space and concept that’s
Stimulating fresh thinking
Sparking infinite possibilities And engaging new conversations
Just like our clothing
Join U+S

 “U+S and The World” comes from UNIQLO + Singapore and the store’s purpose as the definitive space for UNIQLO to share the creativity, style and culture of a new Singapore with the rest of the world

10. It opens on September 2, 2016
@ Orchard Central, #01-01
181 Orchard Road
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