JRunway is the go-to multi-label boutique for all local Japan fashionistas. Not only do they carry a wide array of pieces from the hottest Japanese fashion brands and provide customers with the best online shopping experience possible, they also offer extremely affordable shipping rates.

The secret to JRunway’s expansive wardrobe is the fact that they ship their products from both Japan and Singapore. This can make shopping a little tricky because we all know that calculating shipping can be complicated – it can be affected by things such as weight, volumetric weight, number of items etc.  So here’s a guide to everything you need to know about shopping and shipping at JRunway.

  1. Where your item is shipping from

The little red and blue airplanes will tell you which storehouse your item is in.

If you’ve browsed around or already shopped at JRunway, you would have noticed a tag below the product name that indicates where the item is shipping from – it’s important because of…

  1. Different shipping times

If you order one product from Japan and one from Singapore, they will be packed and shipped separately, and have different shipping times. But the cost will be the same thanks to our…

  1. Flat Shipping Rate

JRunway provides a flat shipping rate so you can shop as much as you like without worrying about the cost. You can even combine an order with a friend to split the shipping fee.

For orders under $80

Shipping fee from Singapore

Shipping fee from Japan (& Singapore)



  1. Free Shipping

Alternatively, shop above S$80 and enjoy free shipping!

  1. So where does each brand ship from?

Brands that ship from Singapore: Graniph, Lanterna, Love Berry, Malus14, Million Dollar Orchestra, OSEWAYA, rosebullet edit tokyo, Tabio, and WEGO.

Here are our top picks that ship from Singapore

While these ship from Japan: ANAP, BANDAI APPAREL, EGOIST, Glamb, Keith Haring, le reve vaniller, MASION BIRTH, MISFITS, NAVAL, NaturalBicycle, PEACH JOHN, Poneycomb Tokyo, RNA, Ryugi Assaku, SHE IS, SPRUCE, and Subciety.

Here’s our pick of products shipped from Japan:

 …and some favourites that ship from Japan

BONUS: International Shipping

Shoppers from Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines rejoice because JRunway ships to you too for an affordable flat rate.

For orders under $100

Shipping Fee from Singapore Shipping Fee from Japan (& Singapore)
$10 $25

Plus, if you shop above $100, international shipping is free!

Need more information? Head over to their online Orders & Shipping guide

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