A while ago, we wrote about a fish seminar held by Japan Fisheries Cooperatives (JF) Zengyoren and Kanda Wadatsumi. Since Kanda Wadatsumi is just round the corner of WAttention’s office so we decided to head down to experience it for ourselves.

The seminar kickstarted with an introduction to the Zengyoren’s special guests from Yamagata and Kyoto who walked us through the basics of sustainable fishing, quality control and maintenance of brand standards.

After the short and informative segment,we got to try a sampling of specially imported Japanese fish.

First up was a heartwarming bowl of Barracuda fried rice. An uncommon fish in Singapore, it has a rich taste with slightly oily texture which lends the rice a nice flavour.

First up was the Kyoto Aka Amadai (Lady of the Sea or tango guji). Served as sashimi and sushi, the fish was incredibly fresh and it’s white meat was tender with a unique chewy texture – similar to Kinmedai (Golden Eye Snapper). Grilled, the fish’s texture was delicate and moist – thanks to its naturally high moisture content.

The next two dishes were aged Shonai Obakosawara (Spanish Mackerel) in sashimi style and steamed Kenchin style. The meaty texture of the sashimi is very similar to that of tuna sashimi and it has a similar fatty taste while the steamed fish was flaky with just a hint of sweetness.

Also on the menu were Torigai dishes. These large Japanese cockles were extremely fresh, tender and chewy – similar in texture to tako (octopus) and ika (squid). The thick cuts were glossy (which shows how fresh they were), springy and just a little sweet.

Despite the large turn up, there was more than enough food to go around, with everyone digging into the buffet line multiple times. And why not? The food was prepared with great care and tasted incredibly yummy!

The Fish Seminar is a monthly event that introduces different seasonal fish from different parts from Japan at every session so there’s always something new to learn and taste.

Interested in the next seminar? Stayed tuned to our Facebook and our website to find out how you can take part in the next one.




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