Japan has many kawaii (cute) or otona (mature) fashion, but their brands are still rather obscure in Singapore. You will be missing out on some of the best labels if you pass them up as minor brands. See them up close at Orchard Gateway from 20th to 26th June, where you can take first peek at JRunway’s online-exclusive clothes.

From a plethora of gorgeous designs at their roadshow, we picked out four labels you definitely should check out:

1. Peach John

Feminine, sexy, and delicate. This well-loved Japanese lingerie and women’s fashion label is the cat’s pajamas! If you have a weakness for a sweet lace yet otona style, this can become your new go-to label for innerwear. What’s more, with such beautiful innerwear, you can expect that their outerwear will be equally gorgeous.

2. Ryugi Assaku

This snazzy brand inserts a touch of tradition with Japanesque vectors and prints which are delightfully casual yet fun. The current collection may feature sakura and other floral motifs, but don’t be fooled into thinking that it is only for females! Their charming unisex designs is reminiscent of the fierce old Edo vibes.

3. She Is

Casual yet elegant, these staples are suitable for all occasions and easily mixed and matched. The minimalist style of these outfits makes it look polished and effortlessly stylish. Different textures like suede, denim, and tulle add a touch of fun that keeps this collection new and inspired.

4. Subciety

Guys, spiff up your wardrobe with these casual streetwear which is stylish yet minimalist. This is the go-to label to get all the style points for summer. What’s more, these pieces are easily mixed and matched, and suitable for Singapore all year round in this hot weather.

Always be the first to know the latest news, Japanese fashion trends, tips, and get special discounts with the JRunway app. The app is available on both Google Play and App Store.

Alternatively, add JRunway as a friend on LINE (@JRunway) or scan the QR code below to stay on top of the best offers, new arrivals, and exclusive deals.

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