One sunny morning, the WAttention office received a wonderful surprise from our new friends at 7-Eleven! It was wrapped in a beautiful blue-wavy furoshiki (風呂敷, traditional Japanese wrapping cloth) that we happily unwrapped as quick as our nimble fingers would let us.


The “bento” was filled with 11 of 7-Eleven’s new 7-Select house brand snacks. These snacks are made in Japan, with ingredients that are locally sourced – such as Hokkaido potato and mineral sea salt from the Kōchi Prefecture.

With a box full of tempting treats in front of us, we did the only logical thing we could — we headed out for a picnic to try everything we could stuff into our mouths. And here’s what we thought:

Left to right, back row: Tamago Boro, Hosogiri Potato Chips, (Spicy), Mini Coconut Biscuits, Sakusaku Corn Cheese, Sesame Stick and Peanuts Chocolate. Middle row: Butter Cookies and Langue De Chat (Chocolate and White Chocolate). Front row: Kodawari Peanuts, Kodawari Peanuts with Crackers and Mixed Nuts.

7-Select Langue De Chat: Chocolate OR White Chocolate $3.30
Similar to Tokyo’s Yoku Moku cookies, these “cat’s tongue” biscuits are delicately thin and light with a layer of rich milk or white chocolate in the middle. These will go amazingly well with a cup of black tea. Craving for Hokkaido’s famous Shiroi Koibito but can’t get any? Take it from us, the White Chocolate Langue De Chat is the next best thing to it – it tastes extremely alike. The biscuits come in a pack of nine individually wrapped pieces.

7-Select Peanuts Chocolate $2.50
The semi-sweet nature of these chocolate coated peanuts makes them easier to snack on as it isn’t overwhelmingly sweet. It’s a great balance of nutty, chocolatey flavour.


7-Select Butter Cookies $3.50
In terms of flavour and texture these cookies are just like the ones you would find in those old-school blue danish butter cookie containers. Crisp yet so, so buttery the cookies will taste great dipped in hot cocoa or with tea. They even come in individually wrapped pairs so you won’t have to worry about finishing a huge tin before the cookies laohong (go stale).

7-Select Sakusaku Corn Cheese $3.20
Cheesy is good, cheesy is great especially with these fluffy triple-cheese chips. Made with Cheddar, Camembert and Cream Cheese these chips are low in sodium and air dried in high temperatures for that just-right crunchy texture, perfect for a night with the movies or a pint of icy cold beer.

7-Select Mixed Nuts, $3.20; Kodawari Peanuts, $2.80 and Kodawari Peanuts with Crackers $2.80 
A healthier snack alternative, the Mixed Nuts contains roasted almonds, cashews, walnuts and macadamias which are tossed in fine mineral sea salt from the Kōchi Prefecture while the pan-roasted Kodawari peanuts are a handful of nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins, and even has an option that comes with crunchy crackers!

7-Select Sesame Stick $2.50 | 120g
This snack belongs in the natsukashii (懐かしい, nostalgic) children snack category. These sticks have that oh-so familiar buttery-sweet aftertaste that will remind you of those little animal biscuits of your childhood but with a hint of otona (大人, adult) flavour thanks to the black and white sesames dotting the biscuit.

7-Select Tamago Boro $2.80 | 100g
Oh man! Talk about a blast from the past! Which kid doesn’t remember having these at least once in your childhood? They are made with egg yolks and potato starch specially sourced from Hokkaido spuds and have an incredibly smooth, melt-in-the-mouth texture that makes them hard to put down. Fortunately they come in handy resealable bags for easy storage.

7-Select Mini Coconut Biscuits $2.50 | 100g
The fragrance of the coconut hits you as soon as you open the packet and if you love coconuts, this is a definite must-nibble. This sweet biscuit has a rich coco-nutty/vanilla flavour and every bite is filled coconut bits.

7-Select Hosogiri Potato Chips (Spicy) $2.50 | 55g
Hosogiri (細切り) means thin cut or julienne-cut. If you like light, crispy chips, you’ll love this. Bonus because it has an awesome spicy zing. It has a rich flavour which, we’re told, comes from the chicken broth that the potato sticks are cooked in before they are deep fried in premium vegetable oil to a crisp and dusted with perky pepper powder.


Of all these snacks the Hosogiri Potato Chips and Saku Saku Corn Cheese were tied for most popular snack in the office while the Butter Cookies and Langue De Chat came in a close second and third.

These snacks are available at select 7-Eleven stores island-wide. Try a few and tell us which are your favourites at our Facebook page! Visit 7-Eleven’s website and Facebook page for more information.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #7ElevenSG and #7SelectSG if you snap photos for Instagram too.




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