Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would’ve heard of last year’s breakout anime film Your Name.

Known in Japan as Kimi no Na wa (君の名は), the movie tells the story of a high school boy in Tokyo and a high school girl in rural Japan who somehow end up swapping bodies.

Credits: Toho, Funimation

Directed by Makoto Shinkai, the film received critical acclaim for its animation and emotional impact.

A notable part of its success comes from the OST, scored by RADWIMPS. Many film critics have noted the strong connection between the storytelling and music. Even Shinkai himself has admitted to the remarkable role music plays in his film.

Being a fan of RADWIMPS, Shinkai approached the rock band through a producer and as we know, the rest is history.

WAttention caught up with the four-man band recently to speak about their upcoming tour in Singapore, and here’s what we found out:

WA: Is this your first time holding a concert in Singapore?

RW: This is actually our second time. We first performed in Singapore three years ago as part of our GRAND PRIX 2014 tour.

WA: What kind of image do you have of Singapore?

RW: The income tax is really low. We also have a strong impression of Marina Bay Sands and we know the chicken rice is 

WA: How did you feel when you were asked to compose the OST for Your Name?

RW (bassist Takeda): I've been a fan of Director Shinkai's films since high school, so it came as a huge surprise when we were

WA: What was it like to work on the OST for Your Name? Did you think that the music would become such a hit around the world?

RW (bassist Takeda): This was an experience we've never had before so it was exhilarating. We had to make many minor 
adjustments in order to match the film and what the director wanted, and we also had to discuss these changes within the band, 
so it could get awkward from time to time. But hearing the final product, it was really great, and it's been an honour to work 
on this project.

WA: The original tracks were re-released in English recently. Was it difficult coming up with the English lyrics? Do you feel that you managed to convey the same message to listeners with the English version as with the Japanese one?

RW (lead vocalist Yojiro): Basically the melody remains the same, so it was just a matter of picking the right amount of words
to fit. But there were also times when we had to create a new "story" to fulfil the melody, so that was interesting. I hope 
that the English versions manage to convey the same feelings and meaning as the originals.

WA: Could you share with us your favourite songs on your latest album Human Bloom (人間開花), and why you chose that piece?

RW (bassist Takeda): For me, it's Toaru Haru no Hi (トアルハルノヒ). In the lyrics, there's a line that says「ロックバンドなんても
んをやってきてよかった」(Rokku bando nantemon wo yattekite yokatta, I'm glad I came with a rock band), which really speaks to me.
RW (lead guitarist Kuwahara): Personally I really like Sparkle (スパークル)! We spent quite a lot of time on that one so I have
a strong impression of that song.

WA: Where do you get your inspiration to create music? Who are some of your favourite artists?

RW (lead vocalist Yojiro): Inspiration comes to me in my everyday life and also through experiences which touch my heart. I 
really like humans; watching them interact and noting down even the smallest details about people helps me to create music. My 
favourite artists include Radiohead, Bjork, Elliot Smith, The Flaming Lips, Hiromi Uehara, John Frusciante, Ringo Sheena, 
Chara and more. I started out being influenced by female vocals quite a lot, and also I enjoy listening to androgynous and 
neutral voices.

WA: Lastly, do you have a message for your Singapore fans?

RW: It's been awhile since our last live concert in Singapore, so let's have lots of fun together! We'll do our best!

Mark your calendars and make a date with RADWIMPS now! 🎶

RADWIMPS 2017 Asia Live Tour in Singapore

Date: 4 June’17 (Sun)
Time: Doors open 6pm / Show starts 7pm
Venue: Megabox Event Hall @ Bigbox
Tickets available on Apactix (Cat 1 tickets have been sold out as of 16 May’17)
For more info, click here!




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