Everybody’s favourite Japanese cooking school has just opened its newest outlet at Westgate! 🍳

Rejoice, cooking enthusiasts! Popular Japanese culinary school ABC Cooking Studio opened its doors at Westgate Mall on 18 Aug’18. With more than 10,000 members and 8,000 active members till date, their Westgate branch brings to us some exciting new features.


With the theme of “Go Green, Live Clean” for their latest studio, ABC Cooking Studio Westgate offers an exceptional experience with unique courses that focus on a nutritious, wholesome Whole-Meal Cooking (WMC) concept that will only be available at this second outlet. Emphasizing on various low-calorie, detox meals, the Westgate studio wants to also educate members about food and health.

The Westgate studio is designed with lots of greenery, wanting their members to experience the feeling of creating meals in the midst of a garden. This garden concept encourages its participants to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and unwind with healthy eating.

Incorporating lots of nutrient-packed superfoods, look forward to an abundance of fresh vegetables, fruits, olive oil, quinoa and more directly imported from Japan. What’s more, they have prepared simple time-efficient recipes that will get you started with clean eating!


Established in 1985 in Shizuoka Prefecture Japan, ABC Cooking Studio is a firm believer of something as simple as food to bring happiness to others. Through healthy cuisine, they want to spread joy and bring smiles to dining tables all around the world.

Offering an unparalleled cooking experience through their 5 different courses (Japanese cooking, Bread, Traditional Japanese Wagashi and Kids Course), all recipes are specially crafted in Japan and constantly revised by professionals to always ensure a user-friendly instructional sheet. Participants can expect step-by-step guidance conducted in small groups led by experienced instructors.

ABC Cooking Studio has more than 125 studios in Japan and 27 studios overseas, mainly in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, with their Westgate studio as their 28th studio overseas.

Priding themselves as one of the largest leading cooking studio chains with 1 million members worldwide, this is your chance to be part of something huge! Still unsure if you are able to commit full-time membership? Fret not, you can first sign up for a trial lesson at $35 per person for two hours.

Do visit their website for further details!

Westgate studio
Westgate Mall #03-01, 3 Gateway Drive
Daily 10am-10pm
6254 2569

*ABC Cooking Studio would like to specially thank the following sponsors for their Westgate studio pre-opening party:

QBB, Hitachi, Zennoh, Inoue Seikoen, Tokyu Hands, Taimatsu, Istean, BRUNO, Hakata Salt, Tradition Cheese, Takano Food and last but not least, the continuous support from our members.




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