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We offer a wide variety of ads sizes and placements in our print magazine which is a  bi-monthly publication that focuses on Japan travel, lifestyle and food (found in Japan and Singapore).


From print and digital design to producing content and managing booths, we can provide support for your individual event needs. Click to see what events we’ve been at.


Our banner ads can click through to your website, a microsite or a personalised article crafted for you on our site. You can choose from an array of static and interactive banners that can be placed at various key positions throughout wattention.com.sg.


Unique EDMs can be crafted and be sent via email to the subscribers on our mailing list. EDMs can be designed to click through to your website, as e-vouchers or coupons.


These simple, individual, independent websites can be be created to complement your events or personalised campaigns with additional information and content.


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