An afternoon with art at the Yamagata Dantsu Carpet Display!


We’re all creatures of habit. After a heavy lunch, it’s always tempting to just lie in a corner and let the afternoon lethargy take its effect on us.


If you’re looking for a way to break this pattern of laziness, then why not head down to the Japan Creative Centre at Nassim Road to appreciate some fine art?


What kind of art you ask? Read on and find out!


Gorgeous pieces of art from Yamagata Prefecture

Known for its beautiful scenery and delicious food, Yamagata Prefecture is also home to some beautiful works of art.


One example of these are the Yamagata Dantsu. These are a kind of carpet hand-sewn with sheep’s wool that’s individually dyed to create really intricate designs.

The Japanese Creative Centre (JCC) has collaborated with Yamagata Prefecture to bring in a pair of dantsu done by designer, Ken Okuyama. An awesomely accomplished individual, Okuyama’s done lots of designs for renowned brands such as Ferrari!

It was such an honour being able to get so up close to these beautiful carpets.

Check out the texture and detail!
The carpets almost appear to be in motion

As someone who has had the benefit of travelling to many countries, I’d normally associate carpets with more Western countries like Greece or Turkey. Hence, it was really refreshing to see carpets with a very powerful, Japanese ‘flavour’ to them.

Perfectly capturing their intended themes of UMI (Sea) and SAKURA, these dantsu were absolutely mind-blowing.

Both of the carpets were sewn with such attention to detail and taking into account every bit of shading that they almost looked like 3-D photographs, taking on different visual properties when viewed from different angles.

IMG_7559 DSC_1180

Yet, upon closer inspection, it was plain to see that they are indeed, carpets meticulously sewn with tons of tender-loving-care.

Refreshing and truly inspiring, the Yamagata Dantsu Carpet Display is from:

10th February – 10th March, 10am – 4.30pm, Monday to Friday

Read more details at their website.


WRITTEN BY: Koh Yong Qiang




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