IPPUDO, most recognized for its Hakata ramen, was founded by Shigemi Kawahara in 1985. With more than 80 stores in Japan and 40 stores worldwide (including 6 in Singapore), IPPUDO prides itself not only in its delicious ramen, but also in innovation.

Having opened Bar IPPUDO since May last year at Shaw Centre, the team has worked tirelessly to bring an important part of Japanese culture to Singapore. The bar is a one-stop shop where sake lovers can purchase over 70 different types of sake from more than 20 breweries in Japan. The concept bar also features a dine-in area for sake connoisseurs and for those who want to learn more about sake origins and how to pair them with food.

As part of their mission to continue innovating within the F&B industry, Bar IPPUDO also works with a variety of partners to bring an immersive food and sake experience to diners for a limited period of time.

To commemorate their 1st Anniversary earlier this month, Bar IPPUDO paired up with the founder of one Michelin-starred ASUKE, Chef Masahiko Takasaki, to bring diners a gastronomic event of sushi, sake and ramen.

The 11-course dining menu featured a variety of sushi prepared by Chef Takasaki with ingredients flown in fresh daily from Tsukiji market in Tokyo, specially created ramen by Chef Kawahara, and well as dishes by IPPUDO’s Asia-Oceania Product Development Unit Leader Chef Hideki Miyazaki. Each course was paired with a specially-selected sake by the Bar IPPUDO team and sake sommelier.

The exquisite meal lasted around 2 hours and started with a medley of abalone (鮑, awabi) served with abalone liver sauce and a Japanese braised pork dish (角煮, kakuni).

We were also served 12 pieces of sushi, all made on the spot by Chef Takasaki. The maguro akami (マグロ赤身, bluefin tuna) and chuutoro (中トロ, medium fatty tuna) had been aged and marinated beforehand, and was melt-in-the-mouth good. Chef Takasaki also presented us with 2 types of raw sea urchin in his sushi creations of the night, the short-spine and long-spine, both of which were rich in taste and umami, and were creamy in texture. Grilled anago (アナゴ、salt-water eels) also made an appearance on the menu that night.

The star of the dining event was undoubtedly the sake. Every dish was paired with a specially curated sake that was served at different temperatures (either slightly warmed to temperatures between 40°C to 44°C, or chilled) to bring out the best flavours of the food. The staff also patiently explained the background of each sake, where they came from and why they were chosen for each particular dish. Chef Kawahara had also prepared a frothy chicken broth ramen and a wonderful soup with chawanmushi (茶碗蒸し, steamed egg custard dish) that warmed both the tummy and heart.

The luxurious dinner ended with 3 desserts. We were first served a red-tea infused pudding that was smooth and flavourful, followed by a seasonal dish of chilled egg noodles in a refreshing strawberry sauce. Lastly, we were able to choose from a platter of handmade wagashi (和菓子, traditional Japanese confections) that Chef Kawahara had brought back specially from Fukuoka.

With this event, IPPUDO hopes to bring the heart and soul of Japan to guests, introducing to them the Japanese culture through sushi, sake and ramen, all of which are widely known around the world as a symbol of Japan.

As innovators, they are also hoping to partner up with more big names in the industry to create something new and bring their customers on bigger and better food adventures.

Stay updated on their latest event here!




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