Nothing quite compares to the thrill of winning a coveted plush toy or a figurine from a UFO-catcher―Japanese Game Centre addicts, you know what I’m talking about! Entering one of these facilities, you will be immediately be surrounded by upbeat and even annoyingly adorable arcade music and blinding lights.

From the land of the rising sun comes Ton Amusement (トン・アミューズメント), bringing players an authentic Japanese Game Centre experience right in the heart of town. Located conveniently at Orchard Central 5F, this is a great way for you to spend time with your little ones for over some weekend fun, or let down your hair with your best mates after school or work.

As Ton Amusement strives to retain the originality of the Japanese arcade gaming experience, all their UFO-catchers present are largely skills-based and require a technical method to get your prize. What’s more, they promise  fresh and exciting concepts each season depending on the trends of Japan and new product releases. Gamers will be rewarded with only top-quality prizes directly from Japan. Depending on the season, a fresh stock of loot will come in to entice visitors even more! With Halloween and Christmas coming up, you can expect uniquely-themed, limited-edition toys and figurines from the machines.

Besides prizes, players can also look forward to the latest gaming mechanics brought in from Japan. The game centre houses a huge variety of trendy game machines, some brought in for the very first time to Singapore. Not only do you have your usual two-clawed and three-clawed UFO catchers, Ton Amusement also introduces two exclusive machines that are a first in SingaporeーSweet GoRound and TRYPOD.


Sweet GoRound
With an assortment of L-sized plushies rotating inside the machine, players are to properly time the moment they choose to let the little hammer positioned at the top go down. When timed correctly, the hammer should hit the knob where the prize is  dangling from to cause it to drop. Since the hammer drops down in a clockwise manner, the difficult part comes in predicting the lag time between the hammer dropping and the moment it hits the knob.

Look what we got!

This game is all about testing reaction time and reflexes. The prizes are supported by several rods from the bottom; what the player has to do is to knock these rods down to cause their reward to fall. When the game starts, a red light will circle the prize at a fast pace where the rods are also positioned at. Players have to hit the button when the light lands on the rod. If they get the timing right, and the red light coincides with the placement of the rod, the rod drops, causing the prize to lose its balance. Players would have to drop all rods to win.


Retaining its retro gaming vibe, you can look forward to using tokens here at Ton Amusement. A single round is priced at 50 centsーeven cheaper than that of Japan!

Catch their grand opening on 29 Sep’18 (Sat)! 
Ton Amusement opens its doors to the public from 11.30am. 

Ton Amusement 
Orchard Central #05-43/44, 181 Orchard Road
Daily 11am – 1am
For more information, visit their Facebook page.

*Sign up here for exclusive entry on opening day! (Prizes are limited to a first-come, first-served basis)




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