🍁 The popular Japanese culinary school ABC Cooking Studio held a 1 Day Cooking Lesson to introduce the various seasonal dishes of autumn 🍁

No stranger to Japanese cuisine cooking enthusiasts, this well-established cooking studio has been in the scene since 2015 offering up a myriad of cooking courses covering Japanese delights, cakes, bread, and even wagashi (和菓子, traditional Japanese desserts). Recently, they have just expanded, opening their latest outlet at Westgate.

In Japan, people celebrate the abundant seasonal produce each year to savour the different flavours as well as get the best quality foods and nutrition. In particular, autumn holds a special place in the hearts of the Japaneseーthere is even a Japanese phrase called the Autumn Appetite (食欲の秋) and with locals recognising it as “the season for eating” due to the bountiful harvests during this time.

In a bid to promote the various products celebrating the season, ABC Cooking Studio has collaborated with J.CLAIR Singapore, inviting participants to take part in an exclusive cooking class limited to a only a period of time.

During this session, local instructor Sonia taught participants how to prepare four simple dishes using ingredients directly imported from Hyogo Prefecture and Niigata Prefecture. These dishes include Takomeshi (Octopus Rice), Tofu-Lotus Root Hamburg Steak, Smoked Soysauce Dressing Salad and Multigrain Pancake.


★Here are the the final results!★

The ingredients and condiments from prefectures of Hyogo and Niigata used during the session can be purchased from the following retail branches in Singapore ▼
・Niigata Koshihikari Rice: Isetan, Meidi-ya, Don Don Donki
・Akashi Octopus: Hirashima Suisan at Isetan Jurong East
・Dry Black Bean: Iroha Mart ※Available from October onwards
・Steamed Black Bean: Iroha Mart ※While stocks last
・Smoked Soy Sauce: Iroha Mart ※Available from October onwards
・Pancake Mix: Iroha Mart ※While stocks last

In particular, the studio really recommends the smoked soy sauce (aged for two years) as not only does it beautifully complement other sides, it can also enhance the taste of the dish, adding depth to its natural flavour.


If you are interested to join their Autumn Harvest session, session click here to find out more!
Do hurry as this exclusive seasonal cooking class is only available for a limited period of time.

Thank you ABC Cooking Studio and Instructor Sonia!




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