Bringing music to the world – An interview with Rie Fu!




It’s not often that a regular person like myself gets to talk face-to-face with someone who seems ‘larger than life’.

Having travelled to many countries including growing up in Maryland, USA, studying in London and having a successful musical career in Japan spanning almost 10 years, singer and songwriter, Rie Fu is certainly an extremely accomplished artiste.

The singer of many popular tunes featured in anime like Gundam Seed Destiny and Bleach, it was an honour to emcee for, and interview, the star herself. Naturally, I was super nervous!

However, I would find myself surprised by how  down-to-earth and wonderfully pleasant the talented and multilingual artiste was.




Performing to a huge turn out at The Hood Bar & Cafe at Bugis+, it was clear that Rie Fu’s friendly and energetic nature radiated throughout the room, creating an unbelievably relaxed and happy atmosphere.


WAttention: Hello Rie, welcome to Singapore! How are you finding it so far?


Rie Fu: Hi! I’ve been having a great time here! I’ve always found Singapore to be a really fascinating place with how so many different cultures blend together so seamlessly. 

With this and all the great things I’ve been heard about your food and sights, I’ve been a big fan of your country and I’m so happy to finally be here!

WAttention: You were born in Tokyo, then growing up in America before studying in London. What’s it like to be such an international-bound person like yourself?

Rie Fu: That is a lot of places isn’t it? Haha!


Having seen, experienced and lived in several different countries and cultures has given me a broader perspective on music and life in general. I have to admit it’s been really enriching for myself and it’s definitely helped shaped who I am as an artiste and performer.

WAttention: What are some of your influences in the creation of your music?


Rie Fu: I grew up with a lot of old school American music as a result of being in America. I’m a big fan of The Carpenters, as evident by my release of my tribute album to them!

But just as importantly, I feel that a huge portion of what influences my music isn’t necessarily large and overly dramatic events in my life like a wild romance or whatnot. 

Rather, I feel that I draw a lot of my inspiration from the small things in life – the things I see and the people I’ve met in my years of travelling around the world. 

It’s these little things that I like to appreciate and write songs about as I find magic in them for what they are!

WAttention: You’ve done so many tunes both under your own label, as well as for many popular anime. What makes a ‘successful’ song to you?

Rie Fu: That’s a tricky one, as one’s definition of a successful song can vary quite a bit.

I have enjoyed doing songs like ‘Life is like a boat’ and ‘I wanna go to a place’ (featured in Bleach and Gundam Seed Destiny respectively) as it was quite an experience being part of a large project. Naturally, with the amount of added exposure these songs received, they sold well as a result.

IMG_6641Rie Fu posing for photos with fans!

However, I also feel that a ‘successful’ song is one that an artiste has written and performed that manages to effectively convey its intended message to the audience. It’s songs like these that make me feel I’ve really progressed as a singer and songwriter!

WAttention: What’s in store in the future for Rie Fu?

Rie Fu: I’m glad you’ve asked!

I’ve moved here with my husband, who has been stationed here for work. Thus, I will be right here in Singapore for the foreseeable future!


I am really looking forward to gigging here and getting to meet all of you soon!

Rie Fu performed the following setlist:

Life is like a boat
tiny tiny melody
I wanna go to a place
funny dream
when I was younger (new song)
I met you

as well as ‘5000 miles- by request!

10653469_1118053991543115_2376214439650618333_nRie Fu…with a particular writer.

All photos courtesy of Rocksin.

Check out all of Rie Fu’s songs on her Official Youtube channel.


WRITTEN BY: Koh Yong Qiang






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