Many of us are already aware of the beauty and tastiness of the short-grain Japanese rice, a staple of the people’s diet. Ordinary Japanese rice, called uruchumai (粳米), consists of short translucent grains; after being cooked, it has a chewier and firmer texture as compared to the usual long-grain rice we are used too. As Singaporeans, majority of us cannot imagine life without rice. We consume it daily, and at least one out of the three meals we have a day will consist of a rice dish of sorts.

Most of us also cook rice in our own homes, washing or rinsing the grains at least two to three times before popping them into the cooker. As this procedure takes up a fair amount of time, have you ever thought of skipping this extra step?

Well, we have some good news for you!   

With the latest Neo-Tasty-White-Process (NTWP) technology, Japan has developed the musenmai (無洗米), also known as rinse-free or no-rinse rice. Through this technology, the white rice is mixed with a heated adhesion material (tapioca) which is stirred in during the refining process. Adding a trace amount of moisture, the bran on the surface of white rice is then uniformly removed by the tapioca, thoroughly polishing each grain to produce a clean finish.

This tapioca used for the process is made from the same tapioca starch eaten in desserts, so the safety of this thermal adhesive is completely guaranteed! Furthermore, since the number of heat adhering material is small and processed together with the rice, the amount of generic bacteria is also decreased and sanitary is ensured. For the tree huggers, rest assured as the entire system is proven to be environmentally-friendly with no drainage emitted.

The NTWP technology also suppresses the increase of fatty acid forming in the rice which not only makes it more nutritious but also helps every grain maintain its taste over a longer period of time.
The positive results are numerous! With the rinse-free Japanese rice, not only does it help to speed up meal preparation, it also tastes better, and has health benefits as well.


You can the various brands of rinse-free Japanese rice by ZENNOH (全農, The National Federation of Agricultural Co-operative Associations of Japan) at the following places: Meidi-ya at Liang Court, all Don Don Donki, Isetan, Fish Mart SAKURAYA and FairPrice Finest outlets in Singapore.





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