🍚 For many Singaporeans and Japanese alike, the idea of a warm fluffy bowl of rice conjures up the image of a heartfelt meal with family or loved ones. Experience the same feeling of familiarity and comfort with a visit to Niigata, the motherland of Japanese rice. 🍚

Just a short two hours away from Tokyo by Shinkansen, Niigata is found along the coast of the Sea of Japan. Blessed with an abundance of nature, the heart of this prefecture lies in its key produce ー rice. Grown with care throughout the year, the beautiful harvests are the result of much hard work and dedication, which is reflected in its homely food, distinct culture, traditions and people.

★ FUN FACTS! All you need to know about Niigata Rice ★

🍚 Niigata Prefecture has the highest Rice Crop Yield in the whole of Japan

🍚 Rice produced from regions in Niigata have been often voted as the Best Rice Brand for sushi, onigiri and washoku (和食, Japanese cuisine)

🍚 The birthplace of Japan’s representative Koshihikari rice is none other than Nigata

🍚 Rice from Niigata is the #1 Most Recognised rice brand amongst women living in Greater Tokyo

🍚 With an average temperature of 24.5℃, long hours of sunlight and large temperature differences between day and night, Niigata is blessed with all the ideal conditions for growing delicious-tasting rice

🍚 Special A Rank Uonuma Koshihikari for 27 consecutive years in the annual taste ranking

Taste the difference in Japan’s finest rice

Here are some tips on cooking Niigata rice without a rice cooker~

7. Use a rice paddle to fluff up the rice and serve!

Have it the simple onigiri style or spice things up by creating some mouth-watering spam fried rice with the famed Koshihikari rice from Niigata.

(This feature first appeared on WAttention Singapore magazine, Mar/Apr 2017 Vol. 37) 




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