McDonald’s is known to have country-specific food, so heading to a Japanese branch is actually very good (and touristy) idea.

Due to the demand for a special Aichi McDonald’s dessert, Aichi Prefecture now has an region-limited red bean and soft cream hotcakes! It resembles yummy deconstructed dorayaki (どら焼き, red bean pancake) ice cream! I am expecting Doraemon to appear any moment.

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Ogura Soft Hotcakes | Picture source

The Aichi staff decided to create a red bean dessert inspired by Nagoya’s (the capital) specialty, ogura toast (小倉トースト, red bean toast).

Nagoya's ogura toast
Nagoya’s ogura toast

From 8th June to the end of the month, 174 McDonald stores in Aichi will offer limited edition ogura soft hotcakes (小倉ソフトホットケーキ, red bean and soft cream hotcakes) for only 360 yen!

McDonald’s popular hotcakes looks somewhat like Nagoya’s ogura toast when it’s topped with rich, milky soft cream and ogura an (小倉あん, red bean paste). This exquisite dessert is already being sold in McDonald’s located in Nanyotori and Kanayama, on 24th May at 3pm and 25th May respectively.

If you are in Aichi or will be going there during June, do try it! I will definitely rearrange the hotcakes in the dorayaki style.

Source: Sankei West, Gourmetbiz

Psst! These items are also limited edition!





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