Cafe by day, cosy dining by night, SUN with MOON is creative dual- dining concept found in the heart of town at Wheelock Place. Their menu is filled with a delicious mix of authentic, traditional Japanese fare and modern Japanese cuisine created by their Executive Chef, Toshio Sawai.

Executive Chef Sawai has over 30 years of culinary experience. Starting in Kyoto’s prestigious Kitcho Japanese Restaurant, he then moved to Singapore and has been leading Singapore’s top Japanese restaurants since the 90s.

Since joining SUN with MOON he has constantly been creating tantalising menus that explore the many flavours Japan has to offer. This September, SUN with MOON will be serving up a mouthwatering “food trail” through Kyushu!

Kyushu is known for their pampering hot springs, picturesque natural wonders, flavoursome food and warm hospitality. So it’s no wonder that the newest menu is filled with all sorts of yummy things to eat!

Are you ready to go on a gastronomic journey with these amazing dishes?

Hon Maguro Akami Sashimi

Cut from sustainable farmed Bluefin Tuna fished in Kyushu, these cuts of Hon Maguro Akami Sashimi are lean, meaty and succulent. Bluefin Tuna come into season in autumn (Mid-Sep – Early Dec) so now’s a good time to dig in!

Sun Style Goma Salmon

Inspired by Fukuoka’s popular Goma Saba dish, SUN’s take is made with thin slices of salmon sashimi served with soy sauce, spring onions and an onsen egg. It’s a great alternative for those who want some sashimi but aren’t too keen on the Hon Maguro cuts. The dip really brings out the creamy flavour of the salmon.


There’s also a Hamachi version for those who need variety.

Kyushu Nigiri 3 Kind Moriawase

This sushi trio is an ideal sampler for the gorgeous fishy flavours that Kyushu has to offer. The lean Bluefin Tuna is the same as their sashimi offering and the Rosy Seabass has unique buttery/fatty flavour that melts in your mouth while the Akamoku Seaweed sushi uses a thick, chewy, sticky seaweed paste that comes from Kumamoto.

Yawaraka Buta Kakuni & Daikon 

Braised in soy sauce and Kyushu shochu with daikon (white radish), this tender pork belly’s meat is so soft and delicate that it literally falls apart in your mouth without any chewing.

Tokusen Motsu Nabe

This hotpot from Fukouka is made with beef offal, cabbage and chives with a katsuo, ginger and garlic soup stock. It’s hearty and heartwarming thanks to its lightly spicy flavour.

Kagoshima Kurobuta Yakiniku Aged Mentaiko Kamameshi 

Served atop fragrant rice, the sauteed slices of Kagoshima Berkshire pork are extremely tender and buttery. It is served with mentaiko that has spent 168 hours maturing in a special sauce which gives it its rich flavour and the light, bitter-tart fragrance of a Kyushu yuzu.

Te-Nobe Tonkotsu Miso Ramen 

This ramen uses hand-pulled noodles from Nagasaki. The savoury pork bone broth is delectable which makes it hard to stop after one slurp. It’s topped with meaty cuts of chashu, preserved vegetables and an egg.

Amasa Hikaeme Caramel Satsuma Imo Mont Blanc 

If you love sweet potatoes, this treat is the perfect way to end your meal. This Japanese-style mont blanc has a crisp tart shell filled with a creamy custard and is topped with swirls of delightful satsumaimo (サツマイモ, sweet potato) cream.

SUN with MOON has put a lot of thought in their Kyushu menu and it’s definitely worth a visit. Thinking about heading down for a scrumptious meal? Scroll down to find out how you can get 20% off your bill!


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SUN with MOON @ Wheelock
+65 6733 6636
501 Orchard Road, #03-15 Wheelock Place
Singapore 238880






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