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This July and August, Takumi/Kacyo, together with their somen supplier Ise Konbu, has brought back their summer special for their guests – nagashi somen (流しそうめん ). Traditionally served as a Japanese summer treat, nagashi somen means “flowing noodles”. Its name stems from how the noodles are served – flowing down a “stream”.

The spirit of Japanese summer has arrived at Takumi/Kacyo

Long bamboo flumes are set up across the restaurant (or open space) and hungry guests stand on either side in anticipation. The flumes carry ice cold running water from one end to the other, creating a fast flowing stream. The noodles are released upstream, at the higher end of the bamboo flumes, and quickly flow down towards the guests.

Excited guests keep an eye out for the fast flowing nagashi somen 

Catching the noodles requires a decent amount of dexterity. Initially it was tough trying to catch the noodles that went zipping by but eventually everyone got a hang of it. Diners had fun cheering each other on and congratulating fellow guests when they successfully caught some noodles.  There were both adults and children and surprisingly the children often did better than the adults.

Hungry guests slurping up the deliciously cold nagashi somen

The flowing noodles are usually served with a bowl of tsuyu; a bonito flavoured sauce often flavoured with spring onions. After catching your noodles, all you have to do is give it a swirl in your bowl before slurping it up. The refreshing, silky texture of the thin nagashi somen and slightly salty tsuyu leaving you wanting more after every bite. Light and cold, nagashi somen is a great way to cool down in the Singapore heat. Nagashi somen is an experience best shared with family and friends. The atmosphere is fun, light and exciting – the essence of summer memories.

Tucked away in Marina at Keppel Bay, Takumi/Kacyo is a classy Japanese restaurant that is perfect for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or impressive dates. They serve a wide menu that features two distinct, traditional Japanese style of cooking: Robata (炉端) and Kappo ( 割烹).

Getting ready to chow down

The restaurant prides itself on high quality ingredients, excellent service and a relaxing atmosphere and never fails to deliver. One of their most popular dishes is the mouthwatering teppan style Japanese Premium A5 Wagyu and succulent charcoal grilled Kinki (rock fish). You can also enjoy other Japanese favourites such as fluffy tempura, fresh sashimi, heartwarming oden (similar to our local yong tau fu) and animitsu (red bean parfait). They serve a wide range of sake and you can even experience drinking your sake from a traditional masu (square wooden measuring cup).

From now till the end of August, Takumi/Kacyo will be offering free nagashi somen to all diners (with every order of a main), every Monday starting at 8.30 pm.

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2 Keppel Bay Vista, #02-01 Marina at Keppel Bay




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