A while back, we talked about the October session of the Zengyoren Fish Seminar held at Kanda Wadatsumi restaurant.

This time, the seminar featured delicious seasonal fishes from Yamaguchi prepared in a variety of ways to whit the participants’ appetites.

First off, there was a short sharing session done by the Yamaguchi Prefecture representatives on the kodawari (こだわり, an uncompromising and relentless devotion to a pursuit) behind the methods used to fish, clean and keep the seafood fresh before it is transported to shore and sold.


After the short presentation segment, Yamaguchi’s governor Tsugumasa Muraoka handed out food to the participants, who later made their way down the inviting buffet line and helped themselves to the dishes made with care by the chefs at Kanda Wadatsumi.

Highlights included the Yamaguchi Tilefish, also known as amadai because of its sweet flesh. Served as sashimi, the firm texture and light flavour goes exceptionally well with shoyu.


Also available was the Swordtip Squid, which has tender meat that is rich in flavour. This highly graded squid is great as tempura and sushi too.


The Red Spotted Grouper, a rare fish that takes almost 10 years to grow to 40 cm, was baked in foil to enhance its mild sweet taste.

Lastly, the Hairtail, or Scabbard Fish, was made into crisp tempura to bring out its refreshing flavours.


The Fish Seminar is takes place every month and is fully sponsored by MAFF and supported by the JF Zengyoren, so participants can partake in fresh fish for free! Every session introduces different seasonal fish from different parts from Japan so there’s always something new to learn and taste.

If you’re salivating looking at these amazing fish dishes, keep a lookout on our Facebook and our website to find out how you can take part! The next session will be held on 12 Nov’16 (Sat) from 12 pm – 3.30 pm at Kanda Wadatsumi, so mark your calendars!




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