Run by two brothers, Weili and Weisheng, Brothers Ramen is as well known for its ramen with a local twist as it is for its two good-looking owners. The cosy ramen store is located on the first floor of International Plaza and is a popular spot for office crowd lunches and weekday dinners.

Apart from their unique sibling concept, they also probably have the only ramen vending machine system in Singapore. It accepts notes and NETs  but not coins (at the moment). You simply tap the screen to access the menu, make your selection and pay. You’ll get a receipt with a number and that’s that. The system can be a little iffy but the novelty makes up for it.

The number will be displayed on a wall at the dining area, when it’s your turn, you simply collect your order from the counter and start digging in.

While you’re waiting for your order, take your time to check out the adorable manga detailing their history and inspiration that is drawn by the brothers’ cousin.

The brothers hand make every bowl of ramen – from the noodle to the broth and the chashu to the soft-boiled egg; everything has a personal touch. They are very passionate about their craft and its important to the brothers that each serving is done just right.

They are self-taught, learning their craft through trial-and-error and, amusingly enough, YouTube. All their ingredients, including their broth, eggs, chashu and noodles, are made fresh daily. They even have an in-house noodle room with a noodle machine imported from Japan. They use a unique noodle formula  they created which resulted in noodles that stay springy even after they’ve been sitting in the soup for a while.


The word that best epitomizes the flavour of Brothers Ramen is local. It’s a concept that’s soaked up by the ramen itself.

These noodles are quite unlike any other ramen noodles you’ll ever have. They have a special nostalgic taste and feel. The brothers created the noodles with the intent to recreate the texture from their childhood – and they succeeded. The noodles definitely do feel familiar, much more Singaporean than traditional ramen noodles.

They offer a variety  of ramen, all made with their  signature broth. Their stock is made with fish, pork, chicken and vegetables and has a rich, clean taste that’s appetizing but misses the heavy feeling  that you will have come to expect from traditional Japanese ramen. It definitely tastes and feels healthier than regular ramen but still just as good.

The best seller is called SUPERMEN. It comes with a soft-boiled egg,thick, meaty slices of chashu, a slice of chicken and a heaping of noodles topped with spring onion.

The creamy, smooth soup was a delight to slurp down while the tender, chunky chashu lent its salty nature to the broth the longer it seeps in it. The chicken slice was soft and clean and the egg was done just right with its gooey centre.


If you are a fan of spicy ramen, choose the simple yet aptly named SPICYRAMEN. Like the other ingredients, their chili oil is home-made and tastes nothing like the la-yu chili oil that Japanese ramen is usually made with. The chili oil has a lasting spiciness and its taste is reminiscent of hawker centre and coffee shop chili.


Brothers Ramen is definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for a good twist on the good ol’ ramen. Competitively priced between $12.90 – $15.90 a bowl, the decent sized portions are a good tummy filler and craving satisfier.

#01-20 International Plaza, 10 Anson Road

Mon-Sat 11.30 am to 2.30 pm / 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm
Closed Sun
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