Food Review: Misaki; a little piece of Japan at Marina Bay Financial Centre

The last time we went to Misaki, we experienced a truly gastronomic omakase experience. When we heard that Chef Khor had recently created two new sharable set menus, we just had to try them ourselves.

Simply called Misaki Special MoriKomi A and B Set, these value-for-money 7-dish menus are meant for a trio of friends, colleagues or family.

MoriKomi A Set  starts with an appetizer, Kurobuta Salad and Assorted Sashimi (Ama Ebi, Hamachi and Aburi Mekajiki) before serving up an Assorted Sushi & Maki Sushi platter (Aburi Salmon, Zuwai Kani, Anago, Rainbow Maki and Spicy Tuna Maki) Tempura Moriawase (Prawn and Vegetable) and Noodle (Hot Soba/Udon) before ending with dessert.

MoriKomi B Set also begins with an appetizer, Kurobuta Salad and Assorted Sashimi but then serves up an Agemono/Yakimono Moriawase selection (Kagoshima Kurobuta Tonkatsu, Salmon Mentai & Tori Tsukune Kushiyaki) Chawan Mushi, Gohan Set (Steam Rice & Miso Soup) and dessert.

For our dinner, we chose to go with MoriKomi A Set.


For our zensai (前菜, appetizer), we were served fluffy fried fish balls. These balls were made from finely chopped pieces of hata (ハタ, grouper), rolled with a light coating of batter. Crisp on the outside but soft and flaky on the inside, the grouper’s flesh was sweet and moist and slightly salty.


Next on the menu was the kurobuta (literally, black pig) salad. Chef Khor uses only the best Kagoshima kurobuta and freshest greens he can find for this salad. The finely cut, buttery slices tossed together with a generous helping of tobiko (飛子, flying fish roe) and homemade dressing gives the dish a nice crunchy yet smooth texture in your mouth.


For the sashimi platter we were served ama ebi (甘海老, sweet prawn), hamachi (魬, yellow tail) and aburi mekajiki (炙り目梶木, seared swordfish). Eating such fresh, flavourful fish is always a pleasure, especially at Misaki where Chef Khor only uses the freshest fish available each season.

Chef Khor clearly took special care to choose this selection of fish. The three had individual, unique tastes that were complementary to each other – from the creamy hamachi, sweet ama ebi and meaty mekajiki.


MoriKomi A Set comes with a huge sushi platter that’s filled with a lot of rich flavour. On one side was the seared saltwater eel (炙り穴子, aburi anago), snow crab (ズワイガニ, zuwaigani) and Rainbow Maki. Both of them were soft and sweet. While the anago had a nice slightly roasted flavour the zuwaigani was filled with natural sweetness. The Rainbow Maki was wrapped with avocado, salmon and topped with just a bit of black tobiko. The maguro was meaty, the salmon smooth and avocado creamy.


On the other side of the plate was aburi sake (炙り鮭, seared salmon) and spicy tuna maki. The seared salmon was buttery with the crispy toppings giving it a nice crunch. The spicy tuna maki had a naturally fishy/beefy flavour with a good spicy bite.


For the tempura plate, we were served prawns and a mix of vegetables. By this point we were already feeling quite full from the previous dishes but the tempting smell of freshly made tempura made this hard to resist – and we’re glad we didn’t! The tempura is fluffy, not oily and doesn’t feel heavy at all. You can have two-three pieces and you’ll still feel like you have space in your stomach for more.


The second last dish of the night was a warm, heartwarming bowl of hot udon. The thick noodles were dense, chewy with a simple taste that brought out the mild flavour of the broth. After an evening of defined flavours, it was nice to wind down the meal with something simple yet warming.


The last dish on the menu was a refreshing, firm, fruity cube of konnyaku (菎蒻) jelly. This sweet-sour dessert was a great way to end dinner as it cleansed our palates and left our stomachs feeling lighter.

Although the MoriKomi sets are intended to be shared amongst a group of three, it will also comfortably feed four smaller appetites. You can also opt to add on more dishes if your tummy is feeling up to it. The sets are also very affordable, coming up to $33++ per person (which, when further divided is barely $4 per yummy dish). If you have a bigger group for dinner, simply let Chef Khor know and he can even adjust the amount to suit your needs. And while the MoriKomi sets have a defined menu, some of the dishes are subject to seasonal changes and availability.

Misaki is peaceful in the evenings and weekends, making it a great place to hold group or family dinners as the atmosphere is friendly, welcoming and spacious yet still cosy.

Available on Saturdays, public holidays and for weekday dinners, this is one meal worth travelling to the slightly out-of-the-way Marina Bay Financial Centre for. Plus, parking is cheap at $3 for 4 hours in the evening and on weekends.

12 Marina Boulevard,
Marina Bay Financial Centre,
Tower 3 #02-08 Singapore 018982

Lunch: 11.30am-3pm (Last Order: 2.30pm)
Dinner: 6pm-10pm (Last Order: 9.45pm)

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