We at WAttention are no strangers to Torikin’s amazing Hakata-style mizutaki  (for more about that, click here) but we just had to stop by when we heard about Torikin’s new omakase menu!


First up was their three-piece appetizer a unique meeting of east and west. The baked chicken breast with baby corn was moist and clean while the boiled vegetables in soy sauce were slightly salty but still kept its fresh taste. The Caprese Salad was a pleasantly unexpected dish. Lightly drizzled in olive oil, the tomatoes were small but juicy and the fresh mozzarella cubes were milky and creamy.


For the second course we were served up a selection of sashimi. Generously cut, fresh and succulent, the sashimi was an unexpected delight from this hot pot speciality place. The selection of sashimi changes on a daily basis (as follows the almost whimsical nature of omakase dining).


Next up was a modern take on a popular favourite. An uramaki (裏巻き) is a reverse sushi roll, with the fish outside the rice and the seaweed inside. For an even healthier twist, this uramaki is stuffed with fresh lettuce leaves. The salmon was just like its sashimi counter part, thick, fresh and flavourful. The rice was moist and had just the right touch of vinegar.


The third course was standard fair tempura. The most surprising thing on the plate was the fried Shiso leaf. The tempura was light and fluffy, not oily at all and did not have a jelak (Singlish for rich/heavy/oily) aftertaste. Also delightful was the chicken tempura which was equal parts buttery smooth and juicy tender.

dsc01824For the fourth course, we were served their eggy hot plate delight – Hakata Tonpeiyaki (博多とん平焼き). Hidden in a thick, fluffy omelette were layers of soft, moist sliced cabbage and creamy yam. The touch of Japanese okonomiyaki sauce and mayonnaise on the top gave the tonpeiyaki a slightly sweeter taste. This dish uses a unique hot pate has far-infrared properties to bring out the rich flavour of the ingredients. It’s also a healthier way of cooking the dish.

Last but not least, was the heartwarming mizutaki. Rich in collagen, Torikin’s chicken broth is made with tasty Sakura chicken which has less fat and cholesterol. The hot pot is served with with Torikin’s unique daidai (橙) ponzu (ポン酢, citrus-based sauce) which gives the vegetables and chicken a refreshing taste.

The staff are extremely helpful in guiding you through the steps of how to best enjoy the hot pot. Start with savouring the the warm broth, then try adding various condiments to it to create your own personal bowl of soup. The staff will cook the vegetables, chicken and meat ball for you. And just when you think you’re done revelling in the mizutaki the staff will take the thick, hearty remainder of the soup, add rice and turn it into a beautiful porridge.

Torikin’s menu is available at two price points, $60 and $90 with the latter including seafood chawanmushi and shabu shabu. Also not featured in this review is their seasonal karintō manjū (かりんとう饅頭, fried sugar red bean bun).


557 Bukit Timah Road #01-14/16
(Near Botanic Gardens MRT station)
Mon-Fri 6pm – 12am
Sat, Sun & PH 12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 12am




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