Savour the Taste of Hokkaido’s Finest and Freshest at Singapore’s own Hokkaido Food Week (14-31 Jan’16)!

Whether its seafood like codfish, mackerel and prawns or mountainous greens like radish, mushroom and wasabi, Hokkaido’s produce are highly sort after by chefs for their freshness, high quality and unique taste. From land to sea, celebrate the best of Hokkaido’s freshest, most famous and delicious tasting foods right here in Singapore with these 10 restaurants



Experience winter in Singapore with Chef Hamamoto’s Hokkaido infused Kyoto-style hotpot. Using Hokkaido tara (たら, codfish), shirako (白子,milt), konbu (昆布, seaweed), and other vegetables like  Maitake mushroom, leek and Japanese Mustard Spinach, the homely soupy dish evokes the feeling of staying warm and cosy during the cold season. It is a seasonal addition to Ki-sho’s omakase menu (starting from $300) that is not to be missed.

29 Scotts Road
Mon-Fri Noon - 2pm
Mon-Sat 6.30pm - 10.30pm (L.O. 9.30pm)
Closed Sun

Sushi Mitsuya


A true Edomae sushi chef, Chef Harada believes in helping his guests “explore Japan through traditional Japanese food”. This season he will be introducing Hokkaido by serving one of the region’s premium seafood, Hokkai shima ebi (北海しまえび, Hokkaido Striped Shrimp). Using the simple, traditional method of boiling to prepare the shrimp, he strives to let his guests experience Hokkaido’s flavour through its naturally sweet and umami-rich flavour. It will be available as part of his course menus (starting from $100).

60 Tras Street #01-01
Mon - Sat 12pm - 3pm, 6pm - 11pm
Closed Sun

Enoteca L’Operetta


Savour a marriage of earthy Hokkaido ingredients and Italian cuisine at this intimate fine-dining restaurant found in the heart of Boat Quay. In his belief that Hokkaido vegetables are a perfect match with Italian-style recipes, Chef Ohkawa has created a special dish of buttered ezo maitake (蝦舞茸, hen-of-the-woods mushroom) served on Pumpkin Gnocchi with pureed Celeriac and sautéed black cabbage topped by salmon and salmon roe ($35).

78 Boat Quay
6438 2482
Mon-Sat Noon - 11pm
Closed Sun



Aiming to highlight the importance of seasonal dishes to one-season Singapore, Chef Deguchi has created a Sirloin Takaki with Hokkaido Salad ($25). This colourful salad showcases a variety of this season’s fresh Hokkaido vegetables, such as yamaimo (山芋 , mountain yam), Swiss Chard (スィスチャ-ド), aka kabu ( 赤かぶ, red turnip), gobō (ごぼう, burdock)  and daikon (大根, radish).

55 Tras Street #01-01
6221 6369
Mon-Sat 5pm-12am
Closed Sun

Hashida Sushi


Second-generation Japanese celebrity chef, Kenjiro Hashida is an knowledgeable sushi chef who wants customers to experience the “taste of Hokkaido “at his restaurant. Apart from this season’s ingredients such as hotate (ホタテ, scallops) and kinki (キンキ, thornhead) you can also enjoy other kinds of fresh Hokkaido seafood such as Surf Clam and Botan Shrimp year-round as sushi or sashimi as part of Hashida Sushi’s omakase menu.

Mandarin Gallery #02-37
333A Orchard Road
Tue - Sun 12pm - 3pm, 7pm - 10pm
Closed Mon

Hashida Garo



This Hokkaido hokke no hiraki’s (ほっけの開き, Half Dried Atka Mackerel) naturally simple yet rich, distinct flavour is what inspired Chef Lau to add Grilled Mackerel ($29.80) to this boutique restaurant’s menu. The rustic Hokkaido ingredient is cooked in the traditional way, by grilling, which gives the fish its crispy skin and tender meat. Chef Lau further highlights the fish’s flavour by serving it with simple, heartwarming bowls of warm rice and miso soup.

Mandarin Gallery #04-16
333A Orchard Road
Sun-Thu 11am - 10pm
Fri & Sat 11am - 11pm

Sandaime Mikoto 三代目 尊


Taking pride in serving a wide array of original, umami-rich dishes, Chef Tanabe has chosen to add Hokkaido fuwatoro kani shumai (ふわとろカニしゅうまい, steamed crab dumpling) ($14) and Steamed Cod Roe Dumpling ($14) to his menu. The dumplings are made with fresh Hokkaido seafood and airflown from Japan to maintain freshness. Sandaime Mikoto also imports and offers seasonal Hokkaido fish on a weekly basis.

The Quayside #01-12
60 Robertson Quay
Tue-Sun 5pm - 11:30pm

The Hitsuji Club ザ ヒツジクラブ


This traditional Hokkaido BBQ place is helmed by a Hokkaido native and a passionate local chef who work together to bring authentic Hokkaido local food flavours to Singapore. Experience the subtle, homely taste of Hokkaido yama wasabi (山わさび, mountain wasabi), a common ingredient in Hokkaido homes, with Chef Chew’s special offering of Lightly Roasted Lamb with Hokkaido Yama Wasabi ($15).

25 Circular Road
Mon-Sat 6pm - 10pm
Closed Sun



Originally from Hokkaido and dedicated to Hokkaido cuisine, Chef Urayama is committed to bringing genuine Hokkaido flavours and dishes to Singapore. To help customers discover how amazing Hokkaido cuisine is, he has created two new dishes using this season’s yama wasabi (山わさび, mountain wasabi) and masaba (真さば, Hokkaido mackerel) for his menu: Saba with Yama Wasabi and rice ($27), and Sunomono with Yama Wasabi ($7).

59 Kampong Bahru Road
Mon-Sat 6pm – 1am (L.O. 12am)
Closed Sun

Feed your Hokkaido cravings at Meidi-Ya


There over 200 different snacks, foods and ice creams from Hokkaido for you to enjoy at Meidi-Ya’s rewnewed Donsanko Plaza. These include the popular scallop or cheese flavoured Hogaja crackers ($12.50), Cradle Peter Corn ($4.30) and Petite Kibana ($12).  Also part of Donsanko Plaza is BENTOSS, where you can enjoy bentos, soba and multi-tiered food boxes made with Hokkaido ingredients.

Liang Court Shopping Centre #B1-50
177 River Valley Road
Daily, 10am - 10pm

Actual prices may vary. Please call the restaurants make reservations to ensure menu and seating availability. 

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