The love the world has for Japanese rice is undeniable, and is especially adored here in Singapore. The Hokkaido region of Japan boasts of some of the best quality Japonica rice, blessed with a rich natural landscape and one of the world’s most cleanest waters. Come experience and savour the comforting flavours of Hokkaido-produced rice at Marina Mandarin Hotel’s Hokkaido Rice Festival.

This is the perfect chance for you to taste premium Japanese rice~! 

During this event,vendors will introduce a wide range of Hokkaido-produced rice for visitors can take the chance to get to know the different brands of the region. First 500 participants will receive a beautiful Japanese fan, so hurry! It’s time to jio all your friends to this exclusive event.

Highlight #1: Taste fluffy Hokkaido rice cooked on-site

Discover the charms of Hokkaido rice with these glistening pearly grains of rice enticing you with their appetising ivory sheen. We guarantee you, just a luxurious spoonful of this top-grade rice cooked by professionals will get you hooked in no time!

Highlight #2: Try delicious granola made from healthy brown rice

*Image used for illustrative purposes only

Using the famed Hokkaido Yumepirika germinated brown rice to make granola, visitors can sample it fresh at the festival. For those who’ve always been interested in how unmilled or unpolished rice tastes like, how about coming down to the event to try some for the first time?

Highlight #3: Learn more about these popular Hokkaido rice brands 

At Hokkaido Rice Festival, there will be a myriad of delicious Hokkaido-produced rice brands available on display for you to see. Feel free to talk to the on-site staff to find out more about each product, and make sure to take note of those you want to try the next time!
One of their star products to look out for also include ready-made sushi rice packs that require no preparation step and can be eaten straight away. All you have to do is just warm it up for a few seconds in the microwaveーan extremely convenient method, especially for the busy bees.

*If you have seen this post before 11 Oct’18, you might have read that visitors are able to purchase rice products at the event. However, please note that the items put up are only for display and are not for sale.

Highlight #4: Stand a chance to win premium rice products

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Look forward to a massive lucky draw during the event! Winners get to walk home with extravagant prizesーnow this is something you don’t want to miss out on. With free admission, warm fluffy Hokkaido rice samples, and wonderful prizes to be won, Hokkaido Rice Festival is sure to fulfil your heart and tummy!


Hokkaido Rice Festival

Date: 15 Oct’18 (Mon) 1pm – 7pm
6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square 
Function Room Level 1 (Capricorn & Leo) 




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