No stranger to Japan lovers, JAPAN RAIL CAFE is the one stop portal for all things Japaneseーfrom the purchase of the JR pass to introducing the various regions of Japan to fans every month. This time, the cafe brings to you the wonders of Japan’s northern most island: Hokkaido.

JR Cafe’s Hokkaido White Luxury event showcases various made-in-Hokkaido products, and enables visitors and participants to take part in and experience these products for themselves, and even take home a piece of Hokkaido home with them. Famous for its snowfall and breathtaking landscapes, the Hokkaido area of Japan is also known for producing high-quality, natural and safe materials for its consumers. With lush forests and clean water, many beautiful wood crafts are birthed from this northern region of Japan; stylish and practical, these designs are said to be especially popular among women.

Hokkaido wants to spread the various aspects of its culture to Singapore and the world by bringing in their authentic products from the region to this promotional event. They hope for the people to know more about the Hokkaido lifestyle, through these fashionable and functional goods. These items are brought to Singapore for the very first time, and will be sold at retail stores for a limited period of time from October to end November. At this event, participants can try some of them first-hand through five vibrant workshops featuring original Hokkaido brands!

Sugar Skincare Experience 

Manufactured by Abyssal Japan Co. Ltd from Sapporo, the skincare product Sucremor has been around for 18 years. Using 100% natural Hokkaido beet sugar, it has softening, hydrating and whitening effects when applied. Because it is 100% organic with no added chemicals, it is particular effective for skin conditions like Eczema. You can use it on any area of your body; Sucremor is gentle even on an infant’s skin!

Choose from five revitalising aromas: Citrus, Lavender, Rosemary, Hakka (Japanese mint) and Vanilla.

Neckline Massage with Mimlon Snow White Gel

Using carefully selected ingredients and technology, Sapporo Aspire Cosmetics’s Snow White Gel contains the natural waters of Mt. Daisetsu. Rain and snow fall on the vast mountainous terrains, seep underground and is naturally filtered over time.This gel is also high in anti-oxidants due to the Kuro Sengoku fermented extract or are black soy beans.

Participants were revitalised with a step-by-step neckline massage guide!


Sapporo-scented Aroma Room Mist Workshop

From K’s Factory comes the well-loved Sapporo No. 1 Series by K’s Aroma Style. Visitors were able to create their very own room mist using a simple mixture of alcohol, water and essential oil. This series of aromatic oils are lavender-scented, a fragrance known to relax the mind and body effectively. You can event spray it on a ceramic pendant to carry the scent along with you.

After which, participants folded made-in-Hokkaido wood origami from cranes as well. Since the origami was made of wood, it could double up as a diffuser too!


Stencil  Coaster Workshop

Participants tried their hand at traditional Japanese dyeing, decorating their personalised coasters with stencils and rich and authentic Japanese colours!


Traditional Kaleidoscope Workshop

Create your very own romantic world inside a kaleidoscope! Visitors got to create the entire structure from scratch, from glueing the pieces of wood together to inserting the mirror and capsule with the vibrant beads.

Ainu Culture

While there are many engaging and interesting on-going workshops, the introduction of the Ainu culture of Hokkaido at the event is poignant as they played a big part in the history of the islandーsomething not quite known yet by most Singaporeans. The Ainu were an indigenous tribe that used to live on the island of Hokkaido, back when it was called Ezo. Ainu clothing and authentic crafts were displayed at the cafe, and speaking to some of the Hokkaido representatives, there seems to be a revival of their artistic styles expressed in certain modern designs nowadays.
In year 2020, there are plans for a museum dedicated to Ainu heritage and culture to be opened in the town of Shiraoi.

Love everything about Hokkaido? Come on down to Japan Rail Cafe and see for yourself the beauty of the region, paying attention to every design detail, texture, material and ingredient of what they have to offer.


Japan Rail Cafe
Tanjong Pagar Centre #01-20, 5 Wallich Street
*Hokkaido White Luxury Fair will be held till 30 Sep’18

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