Home Food Ippudo celebrates 31st anniversary with special ramen @ $9.90

Ippudo celebrates 31st anniversary with special ramen @ $9.90

Ippudo celebrates 31st anniversary with special ramen @ $9.90

Celebrate Ippudo’s 31st birthday with their limited-time only ramen!

Founded in 1985 in Hakata (Japan’s ramen capital) by Shigemi Kawahara, this world renowned brand is now leading the ramen revolution with more than 80 stores in Japan and 40 stores overseas (including Singapore and New York).

Welcoming their 31st year in an increasingly competitive ramen arena, the Ippudo Singapore team has produced a special ramen available at all outlets from 16 – 22 Oct’16.

For a limited ONE WEEK ONLY, you can try out the Extra Rich Tonkotsu Ramen at $9.90 per bowl at all Ippudo outlets. On top of that, there are four umami (うま味) balls that you can choose to add on to your soup at $3 each alongside your kaedama (替玉, refill of ramen noodles).

Top (L): Curry, (R): Genovese ; Bottom (L): Tomato, (R): Tom Yum – $3 per topping

These specially crafted flavour toppings are Tomato, Tom Yum, Japanese curry and Genovese.
For those of you who may have a tough time deciding which one to pick, we give you the lowdown on the different flavours.


The original Tonkotsu from Ippudo comes with a slow-boiled broth that has been simmering for 12 to 13 hours, but this exclusive dish is served with broth boiled for an extra 3 hours. The Extra Rich Tonkotsu is deep in flavour, milky, and may be slightly heavy for those who prefer a lighter soup base. It comes with Ippudo’s signature noodles, which are springy and firm, and two pieces of thick meaty chashu.

Ippudo Extra Rich Tonkotsu Ramen – $9.90



Appearance wise, the tomato topping looked and smelled very much like good ol’ tomato based spaghetti sauce. Mixing it into the thick broth added a slightly tangy taste to the otherwise heavy soup and made it lighter and more refreshing. We’re guessing this appetizing combination will be popular with the ladies!


ippudo_3502TOM YUM

Singaporeans love strong flavours, and it’s hard to go wrong with tom yum. The topping struck the right balance of spicy and sour, and made for a sure-win soup combo. It retained the rich flavour of the pork broth while adding a kick to the aftertaste. This is the ideal lunch option for anyone shivering in their chilly office.



The Japanese curry topping took a little more time to dissolve in my soup given its thicker consistency, but the end result was a fragrant soup that slightly sweet and not too spicy. The mild yet comforting taste of the curry was pleasant and not too strong, and is recommended for those who want to keep to a Japanese palate.



The green topping may look intimidating at first sight, but it was in fact the topping which, in my opinion, matched the tonkotsu broth perfectly. The aromatic paste is made of genovese basil, which is usually used in pesto. While the taste was strong, it was not overpowering, and enhanced the robust flavour of the entire ramen dish. This is definitely a must-try!

Don’t hesitate, swing by one of Ippudo’s branches to taste this limited-time dish!

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