Its melon season in Japan!

Delicious melon from Ibaraki Prefecture

Its melon season in Japan!
Get your hands on reasonably priced melons from Ibaraki Prefecture at all 5 Don Don Donki stores island-wide!
(Orchard Central, 100am, City Square Mall, Square 2 in Novena, Changi Airport T3)

Of the many regions in Japan that produces melons, Ibaraki Prefecture located northwest of Tokyo is one to look out for. It accounts for about 25% of melon production, boasting the highest output of melons nationwide. Blessed with a mild climate, favourable temperatures and soil conditions, this region has the perfect environment for cultivating delicious melons.

Choose between 2 types of melons! 
Among the 2, the red melons are known for their crunchiness while the green melons are known to be the sweeter!

We even had popular Influencer Sylvia Chan from Night Owl Cinematics come down to sample and review the melons!
Take a look at the video.





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