J-mart: The mini supermart of Japanese goodies


With 3 outlets scattered across the southern areas of Singapore, J-mart is a Japanese food specialty store that brings in a full range of Japanese food products for your cooking needs, as well as a large variety of snacks, sweets and ice cream that will definitely awaken your sleeping sweet tooth.


Products such as rice, flour, miso soup, natto (納豆, fermented soybeans), seasonings and main ingredients are readily available so you can create your very own authentic Japanese meal in the comfort of your own home. Other than fresh produce, they also sell a wide variety of dried and frozen foods, many of which are ready-to-eat and can be easily prepared to complete your meal in a matter of minutes.

The sheer volume of Japanese okashi (お菓子, sweets) and oyatsu (おやつ, snacks) on the shelves made my jaw drop and sent me into a frenzied state of “gimmegimmegimme” when I visited one of their 3 outlets. Pastries such as roll cakes and cream puffs as well as yummy fruit jellies are also available at J-mart, so there is something for everyone no matter what your preferences are.

The WAttention team were given the opportunity to pick and try some of the food items on sale at J-mart, which we have reviewed below:

Given my personal preference for potato chips/snacks and spicy food, it was no surprise that I almost instantly liked these. The thin crispy potato rings are reminiscent of a childhood snack of many local Singaporeans ― Roller Coaster. While they are covered generously in habanero (ハバネロ, type of chili pepper) seasoning, these potato rings are not geki-kara (激辛, super spicy) unless you decide to pop 10 pieces into your mouth at one go. This addictive snack will definitely go well with soda or beer!

The Monteur line of pastries available at J-mart are also a pleasant surprise. Although unfair to compare these to fresh roll cakes and waffles, both the waffle and rare cheese roll were not soggy even after they had been stored in the fridge. When eaten slightly cold, the cream resembles vanilla ice cream and enhances the light and fluffy pastries.

Ichiryu Carrot & Apple juice

Ichiryu’s Mixed Carrot & Apple juice is more of a fruit and veggie puree than pure actual juice. Made from high quality carrots, the juice is slightly thicker than usual but also refreshing and healthy. The word Ichiryu means ‘one grain’ in Japanese, and this reflects the founder’s belief that one good grain can be multiplied far and wide into the future.

My personal favourite out of everything we tried, the Nissui Big Big Yaki Onigiri comes in a frozen pack of 6, and the trays tear apart easily so you can microwave each onigiri separately as and when you want to. The microwave instructions are simple to follow, and you will end up with an onigiri which is slightly crisp and lightly toasted on the outside while soft and sticky on the inside. As someone who loves her rice, this was good enough to eat plain with the shouyu (醤油, soy sauce) coating. For those who prefer more flavours, you can dip these in the variety of sauces found at J-mart too.

Grazie Mille burdock dressing

Lastly, we also had the pleasure of trying some Yuzu sake!


As the sole agent of the Japanese Prestige Sake Association in Singapore, all the sake sold at J-mart are brought into the country via containers with temperature set at around 5-6 degrees Celsius to keep the sake at its best condition. There was a lovely citrus fragrance from the moment we opened the bottle, and the sake itself was fruity and smooth. The bitter aftertaste usually associated with yuzu was also absent, making it a suitable dessert sake to drink at the end of a meal.

From 13 – 15 November 2015, J-mart will be holding its anniversary sale at all 3 stores (The Star Vista, I12 Katong, One KM). On top of the 10% promotion store-wide, members get to enjoy an additional 3% off too. Membership registration is completely free of charge, so what are you waiting for? Sign up and head down to your nearest J-mart today!

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