With summer’s sweltering heat, don’t you just wish that there was a long-lasting foundation which can keep your skin silky smooth in the sun? Well, look no further. KOSÉ  has heard your cries and come up with a cool-touch five-in-one foundation spray that will give you a refined complexion and fresh look all day long.


Polyglot interpreter, writer and translator, Nancy Liu, tells us why KOSÉ‘s ESPRIQUE Cool BB Spray is the answer to her skincare prayers.

Having tried dozens of beauty products myself, I’m thrilled to share with with you KOSÉ’s foundation which has capture my heart and left my skin glowing with optimal radiance.

Since moving to Tokyo last year, my face has gotten really dry and I need to apply tons of moisturiser before makeup. On a hot summer’s day, the idea of slathering on moisturisers before my sunscreen and foundation just felt heavy and unappealing. This year, KOSÉ came to my rescue with its ultralight, multi-function BB spray that serves as a beauty essence, sunblock, primer, foundation and powder all rolled into one.


It’s so easy to use. After your daily basic skin care steps, just shake the can well, spray the foundation onto a make-up sponge and apply it evenly over your face. Don’t spray the foundation directly onto your face though, freeze burns can happen if you do.

After application, I found my skin enjoyed the coolness of the spray, abosrbing all the nourishing ingredients in the formula. Amazing as it may seem, my cheeks literally felt five degrees cooler and more supple.

The foundation  which comes in two shades covered every little flaw and evened out  the complexion by lightening dark spots and eye bags. The part I love the most is that it keeps my make-up routine simple and the feather-light  finish lasts all day – even on a long day at work or in the sun.


The ESPRIQUE Cool BB Spray UV 50+ is an innovative beauty product that makes doing your daily look a breeze.  It’s handy size makes it easy to toss into any make up bag and delivers a cool touch up whenever and wherever you need it. Just spray and go!

KOSÉ‘s ESPRIQUE Cool BB Spray UV 50+ is available in light and natural shades. SPF 50+/PA++++, 60g, limited edition 2,268 yen( including tax), only in Japan.


Nancy Liu is a Japanese, Chinese and English translator, interpreter and writer. She lives in Tokyo and enjoys reading historical  novels and enjoys exploring foreign countries in her free time.

*Prices may vary according to retailer. The product (and accompanying materials) may not be designed or written in accordance to Singapore standards, specifications an labelling requirements. The information is presented by KOSE Japan and governed by Japanese laws.




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