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Singapore’s first all-in-one event for the die-hard and casual fans of Japan, JPSG presents to you all the different facets from the 47 prefectures of Japan, specially curated into six zonesーWA-Shiok Gourmet Festa, Discover Japan, Technology & Lifestyle, Omakase Stage, Kids Sports and CharaExpo Mini.

JPSG attendees can expect event-exclusive menus, an exquisite selection of Japanese food and beverages, an energetic line-up of traditional and trending cultural performances, as well as insightful booths presented by local prefecture representatives offering you insider travelling tips!

WA-Shiok Gourmet Festa by WAttention

Look forward to a smorgasbord of event-exclusive menus! With a holistic gourmet concept of enjoying the flavours from all 47 prefectures of Japan, well-loved restaurants will whip up exquisite items unique to JPSG.

To name a few, the popular Ramen Keisuke will be preparing two different daily menu specials, IPPIN will serve up WAKU WAKU craft beer and thirst-quenching sodas, and Ginza Lion will bring back its signature Roast Beef Don.

Awarded by European Monde Selection in 2016, Deli’s Kitchen will be dishing out their hamburg steak made with Hokkaido Kuroge Wagyu, Black Curry and Jingiskan.

Discover Japan 

Unload your wanderlust curiosities unto experienced professionals and get valuable insights to make your trip to Japan a memorable one!

Drop by NHK WORLD-JAPAN‘s booth to learn more about Japan or try your hand at making gold-leaf coasters at Ishikawa Prefecture‘s booth!

Lifestyle & Technology 

Come say hello to Robi, the adorable bilingual humanoid robot that speaks English and Mandarin, as well as some Singlish! If you’re lucky, you can catch a glimpse of Robi singing and dancing too.

(C) JPSG2018

Or drop by the Samurai Room, a tatami room that will host live presentations of Sado (茶道, Japanese Tea Ceremony). There are even rare opportunities to interact with traditional Japanese female entertainers.

CharaExpo Mini

Featuring Bushiroad‘s most beloved contents such as “BanG Dream!”, “Cardfight!! Vanguard”, “Future Card buddyfight” and “Love Live School idol festival”, fans will definitely not want to miss out!

You can also take part in the fun-filled mini game and card game corner.

Omakase Stage

Omakase means to be entrusted with the best. JPSG will offer a myriad of colourful performances, ranging from centuries-old traditional acts to dynamic pop culture. Expect to see a cast of high-profile entertainment guests, like Shamisen Rock duo KUNI-KEN, J-rock legends Sunplaza Nakano Kun and Papala Kawai, the widely-adored and lively 5-member girl band Poppin’Party and many more.

There will even be an exclusive showcase of Ink-Wash Painting artist OKAZA from Sengoku DAMA,where he will give a live demonstration of his art that pay homage to the Warring States period of Japan.

OKAZU. Credit: JPSG Website

Kids Sports

In partnership with Albirex Niigata FC (Singapore), a professional Japanese soccer team that has been playing for the S.League since 2004, this corner will be dedicated to the young ones to test their agility, flexibility and sportsmanship through the mini activities and physical tests.

These exercises are based on Japanese school Physical Education classes!

Credit: JPSG Website



Tickets are selling out fast so visit their site here to purchase yours today!
Do also check out their Facebook for regular updates.

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