I had the privilege of reviewing a Prepaid SIM card, courtesy of Sakura SIM, in a recent trip to Japan. This is a new alternative that travellers can now use to stay connected to the internet while in Japan.

I took it with me over a 9-day period, travelling from Tokyo to Osaka and back.


I had the privilege of reviewing one such SIM card, courtesy of Sakura SIM, in a recent trip to Japan. I took it with me over a 9-day period, travelling from Tokyo to Osaka and back.

Setting up process

Upon receiving the card, getting it in my smart phone was simple and straight forward, working exactly like a regular SIM card.

The actual installation however, was a little more complicated.


iOS users need to head online and install the data profile from this screen

With the card in your phone, iOS users need to connect to the internet and head to this link to install the profile data. This was definitely the most notable drawback to the system. As free Wi-Fi connections are uncommon in Japan, this seems a little counter intuitive and troublesome.

For Android users however, it’s far simpler, only requiring you need to input the APN settings listed here.

Once this small task is done, you can start surfing the internet immediately.


Sakura SIM provides you with a solid 4G/LTE connection speed of up to 150 mbps.

IMG_8270The connection remained impressively-fast even in busy Dotonbori

From outdoors to riding the train, I found the connection extremely solid and stable. Surfing the internet, going on social media and checking e-mails was lightning-fast, surpassing even most landed connection options available in Singapore.

IMG_8619No connection problems here at the NHK Studio Park either!

With a 100 MB limit per day though (data only), I would recommend against doing anything that’s very data heavy, such as watching videos online, extensive usage of maps, and especially downloading large files.

IMG_8581IMG_8503From downtown Shinjuku to distant Odaiba, it was quick & easy to share my goofy photos to friends online!

If you’re familiar with smart phone usage though, this shouldn’t be a problem at all as it’s more than sufficient for frequently used applications like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp or Line.


The overall experience of using Sakura SIM can be summed in one word: convenient!

Having a single SIM card directly installed within my smart phone meant that I didn’t need to carry around an extra device.

IMG_8284You can freely swap between your personal SIM and Sakura SIM Card should you need to make calls

Hence, this eliminated the hassle of having to keep an eye on the battery level of, or worrying about the accountability of a separate gadget, as the prepaid SIM card can simply be disposed of after usage.


This is definitely a great option for people who like to travel solo and want to stay connected to the internet for purely communication or browsing purposes. It’s also an excellent choice for busy individuals with tight schedules, as the disposable nature of the product makes it extremely fuss-free and convenient.

Special thanks to Sakura SIM for making this review possible.
Get yours HERE.




  1. Hi 12eiven, did you have to change your APN whilst you install the Docomo sim card into your iPhone? Am leaving for Japan Monday and am trying to purchase the sim card for usage there but don’t know how to go about it.. Appreciate your reply. Thanks. From:Sunshine.


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