Looking for more picturesque sites to visit in Japan? Here are a couple more just for you!


Japan’s third largest island located southwest of the main island offers many relaxing sights filled with natural beauty.

Lake Kagurame


Surrounded by the Tsurumi Mountains, the lake sees over 1,500 delicate iris blooms at the peak of summer. Over 80 different species of irises create a breathtaking purple carpet that go around the lake. Legend has it that a female dancer of Tsurumi shrine lived near the lake in the Heian period.

Mikaeri Waterfall

JTB_KYUUSHU_3202From sweet sakura in spring to rustic reds in autumn, Mikaeri no taki, One of Japan’s 100 Most Beautiful Waterfalls, is especially famous for the annual Hydrangea Festival held in June. There are over 40,000 flowers of 40 different varieties in blue, pink and purple that bloom around the falls.


This grassy expanse lies in the remains of a huge crater and features the panoramic view of the five peaks of Aso. While you are here take a horseback ride, have a picnic, see some cattle or visit the Aso Volcano Museum just across the road.   

North Central

North Central Japan is made up of the Chūbu, Tōhoku and Kantō region and is filled with must-see cultural and historical landmarks.


This lavish shrine complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and serves the final resting site the final resting site of Tokugawa Ieyasu, founder of the Tokugawa Shogunate. Explore more than a dozen buildings decorated with countless wood carvings and large amounts of old leaf.

Kawadoko River Dining

This riverside dining area by the flowing waters of the Yugawa River has been a popular spot since the Edo times. The dining platforms are built next or over bodies of water so you can enjoy a cool breeze while you dine. Try having lunch in a yukata for a full experience.

Oze Iwakura Lily Garden

One of the largest lily gardens in the Kanto region, it sees three million lilies of 50 different varieties of blooming over seven hectares of land between mid-July to August. You can stroll through the lilies on foot or take in the view from above by riding on the lift.




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