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North Central

Made up of the Chūbu, Tōhoku and Kantō regions, North Central Japan offers the advantage of beautiful nature unspoiled by urban development.

Narita Yume Bokujyo

Also known as Narita Dream Dairy Farm, this sightseeing ranch located in Narita City of Chiba Prefecture is the largest sunflower park in the East Japan region. Over 78,000 sunflowers bloom across a field that covers an area of 35 hectares during summer.

Tambara Lavender Par
From sweet sakura in spring to rustic reds in autumn, Mikaeri no taki, One of Japan’s 100 Most Beautiful Waterfalls, is especially famous for the annual Hydrangea Festival held in June. There are over 40,000 flowers of 40 different varieties in blue, pink and purple that bloom around the falls.

Echigo Yuzawa
This grassy expanse lies in the remains of a huge crater and features the panoramic view of the five peaks of Aso. While you are here take a horseback ride, have a picnic, see some cattle or visit the Aso Volcano Museum just across the road.   

 Classic Japan

The popular Osaka-Kyoto-Tokyo travel route is ideal for the first-timer visiting Japan, covering famous cultural landmarks and well-known scenic sights.

Nishiki Market
Kyoto’s largest traditional food market, this is where you can find all the major ingredients that typically make up a Kyoto meal, including tsukemono (漬物, Japanese pickles), kyo-yasai (京野菜, Kyoto vegetables) and fresh fish. Knives and cookware are also sold here, giving it its namesake of “Kyoto’s Kitchen”.

This theme park is dedicated to flowers and one of the best family-oriented attractions in Mie Prefecture. Types of flowers on display change seasonally; up until July you will be treated to the sight of tulips, iris and hydrangea. The park’s winter illumination starting in late October is equally captivating.

Surugawan Bay Ferry Ride
This 65-minute boat trip brings you from the Shimizu Port to the Port of Toi on the west coast of the Izu Peninsula. If the skies are clear, you may be lucky enough to enjoy the spectacular view of Mount Fuji towering above the coastline.





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