Tuck into amazing autumn catch!!!

In Japan, autumn is known to be the best season for savouring a variety of foods. There even is a short phrase “Shokuyoku no aki (食欲の秋)” or “The Autumn Appetite”, used to describe this particular season of harvest.

This is the same for fish caught during this time, as they are said to be even tastier from autumn all the way till winter.

At the next JF Zengyoren’s Akiryou (秋漁, autumn catch) Seminar, sink your teeth into some of the freshest harvest of the season!

Sweet Shrimp (甘エビ, amaebi) from Ishikawa Prefecture

Enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth goodness, as fishermen from this region boast of this shrimp being the sweetest of its kind.

Amaebi is found in the deep waters of the Sea of Japan. When the shrimp reaches five years of age, it actually turns into a female and can live to over 11 years!

This time, Chef Hara has is dishing out amaebi in the form of scrumptious nigiri sushi and sashimi!


The freshest amaebi can be enjoyed from September to December. Besides its sweet taste and slightly crunchy texture, amaebi is also known to have several health benefits too.

Sardine (イワシ, iwashi) from Hokkaido Prefecture


This time, enjoy both sushi as well as the sinfully deep-fried version drizzled with sour plum seasoning!

The reason for its excellent freshness lies not only in the fact that the fish lives in cold seawater under freezing temperature, but also because the ice used on the ship to maintain its temperature is about twice the normal amount!

Red Snapper (金目鯛, kinmedai) from Chiba Prefecture

Well-known for being rich in healthy fat, the Red Snapper or kinmedai is Chiba prefecture’s prized catch. The kinmedai caught in Chiba Prefecture has also earned high praise in the Tokyo Tsukiji market as well.

Containing unsaturated fatty acids such as EPA and DHA, as well as many vitamins and minerals, Japanese ladies love eating kinmedai because of its beauty benefits.

Because of Kinmedai‘s big golden eyes and brightly coloured body, it is often referred to as the “happy fish” due to its appearance.
Aren’t they adorable?

Kinmedai Claypot Rice

For those who love a hearty soup, there will also be kinmedai hot pot available.

Red Snapper Hot Pot

You can also feast upon the beloved Yellow Tail during the Akiryo Seminar!

Loved for its well-balanced fats and lean meat, this fish is great on its own or served char-grilled with Japanese white radish!


From now till 9 Nov’17, head to our FB page, LIKE & SHARE this post, and tell us which prefecture the Kinmedai from this seminar comes from to stand a chance to attend the seminar and taste all the amazing fish featured! Remember, there are TWO sessions this time so sign up for the date you prefer~


Every month, Kanda Wadatsumi and JF Zengyoren import fresh seasonal fish from different Japanese prefectures for your learning and sampling pleasure. If you’re interested to learn more about the Fish Seminar head to our Facebook page to find out how you can reserve your seat.

The Japanese Fish Seminar
Sat, 11 Nov’17     12pm – 3pm
Mon, 13 Nov’17    7pm – 9pm
Kanda Wadatsumi
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