This time we’re taking you through the seas around Hiroshima! Ready to dive into some oceanic goodness?

Clockwise from left: Fried kaki, grilled kaki on hot plate, kaki claypot rice and fresh kaki with ponzu sauce. 

Hiroshima is well-known as one of the largest producers of kaki (かき), or oyster, in Japan. These oysters which come into season in January and February, contain a lot of glycogen which is the source of their delicious flavour. They are also rich in vitamin B and iron which helps to improve liver functions and boost energy levels. Kaki harvested from this prefecture have firm meat and a rich, creamy flavour which loans itself well to various methods of cooking such as frying and grilling.

Tako sashimi

The sea around the Mihara area is characterised by consistent water temperature, clean water and naturally rocky environment. It is the perfect place to breed healthy, delicious tako (タコ, octopus). Mihara Yassa Octopus has a rich, bright purple colour and is thick and chewy but not rubbery in the least. It has a clean taste with a hint of sweetness.

Seared tachiuo

Also known as the “Scabbard Fish”, tachiuo (太刀魚) has a firm, meaty texture with a light, lingering taste of the ocean. While it can be enjoyed raw or cooked, the fish’s texture will change depending on how it is prepared, making it a unique fish that can be enjoyed multiple times in multiple ways in a single dining session.

Tai sushi and sashimi

Making a comeback is the ever popular Tai (鯛, sea bream). One of Japan’s most beloved fish, tai is a spring fish with a clean flavour and delicate aroma. It can be enjoyed raw (as sushi or sashimi) or grilled, in soup or even steamed!


Kanda Wadatsumi will be celebrating their 2nd Anniversary!

Enjoy a special 7-course anniversary menu carefully created by Chef Hara using unique Japanese ingredients including Mihara octopus from the Seto Inland Sea, rainbow trout from Shizuoka, sea bream from Ehime and Iwate beef for just $128!


Every month, Kanda Wadatsumi and JF Zengyoren import fresh seasonal fish from different Japanese prefectures for your learning and sampling pleasure. If you’re interested to learn more about the Fish Seminar head to our Facebook page to find out how you can reserve your seat.

The Japanese Fish Seminar
Sat, 18 Feb
12pm – 3pm
Kanda Wadatsumi
50 Tras Street




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