Experience Hokkaido, home to the freshest seafood in Japan!

Following the previous Osaka Fish Seminar, here’s presenting to you the Hokkaido Edition! Chef Hara of Kanda Wadatsumi hails from Hokkaido and this time, he has painstakingly put together novel dishes for this seminar. This includes a special cream croquette made using fresh produce that Chef Hara brought in exclusively from Hokkaido too. You can thus be assured that you are served nothing but the best at the upcoming session.

Here are some of the tantalising dishes to expect at the seminar.

Hotate (帆立, scallop)

Hotate sashimi
Deep fried scallop with mayonnaise sauce

Did you know that Hokkaido produces more than 80% of Japan’s scallops? Enjoy these fresh and succulent scallops with a peaceful mind as sustainable fishing techniques are used in harvesting them. Whether you have it as sashimi or deep fried with mayonnaise sauce, you’ll be in for a sumptuous treat!

Shake (鮭, salmon)

Grilled salmon with miso sauce

Chow down on Wadatsumi’s grilled salmon to enjoy the rich combination of nutty miso sauce and buttery salmon. For the more adventurous, try the Pickled Ginger Salmon Tempura to tickle your taste buds with a blend of sweet and tangy flavours.

Karei (カレイ, flatfish)

Karei Sashimi

The Matsukawa Flounder is a prized gem renowned for its taste among the flatfish species. A versatile fish, it can be savoured in various ways. It is best enjoyed raw as sashimi or sushi to appreciate the sweet flavour of the thick, creamy cuts of meat. For those who shudder at the thought of eating raw fish, you won’t be missing out as it tastes just as good fried with butter!

Nishin (ニシン, herring)

Nishin Sashimi
Nishin Sushi

Experiment with new flavours and welcome the spawning season of the herring and savour the freshest herrings from Ishikari Bay. Known for their delicate meat, revel in the original, unaltered taste of the fish as you devour them raw.

Ikura Don

In addition, Kanda Wadatsumi is also participating in our very own Tanjong Pagar Shopping District event, so get a bowl of Wadatsumi’s Ikura Don at a promotional price of $25! Brimming with ikura (いくら, salmon roe), this is a simple yet luxurious treat that’s guaranteed to satisfy your cravings. *Promotion ends in May.


Every month, Kanda Wadatsumi and JF Zengyoren import fresh seasonal fish from different Japanese prefectures for your learning and sampling pleasure. If you’re interested in learning more about the Fish Seminar, head to our Facebook page to find out how you can reserve your seat.

The Japanese Fish Seminar
Sat, 22 Apr’17
12pm – 3pm
Kanda Wadatsumi
50 Tras Street




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