Savour premium Japanese hotate and more!

Home to some of the world’s finest catches, one of Japan’s prized shellfish is none other than hotate (ホタテ, scallop). Hauled in mostly from the waters of Aomori and Hokkaido, these scallops can be eaten in a myriad of ways. During this fish seminar, you will have the chance to taste delectable hotate and more! 

The hotate became part of the Japanese cuisine after its discovery in the shell middens during the Jomon period. Whether eaten raw, grilled or deep-fried, this celebrated delicacy has a firm texture and a sweet, almost creamy flavour. You can expect a satisfying aftertaste as you feast upon some top-quality hotate this upcoming seminar. 


Put your cooking utensils aside (for now), and indulge in some Premium Hotate from Hokkaido! Nestled in the middle of some tasty shell-shaped kamaboko (カマボコ, a type of Japanese fish cake) is a humongous piece of raw hotate meat. The whole thing can be eaten straight out of the packet without any extra preparation. Good as a side dish to pair with an exquisite cup of Japanese sake or even just as a snack for children on its own, the Premium Hotate contains one of the largest scallops found in Japan. The taste of these top-grade scallops highlights the sweetness of the waters in Hokkaido.


The scallops used in the next dish, Hotate Furai (ホタテフライ, deep-fried scallops), are found in Mutsu Bay, Aomori, a production area which cultivates a large number of juicy scallops in Japan. The hotate is first boiled, and then coated with panko (パンコ, Japanese bread crumbs). After freezing, it is later deep-fried to golden perfection in a 180 degrees Celsius hot oil for about two minutes and 30 seconds.

There are several ways to consume Hotate Furai: you can either have it served Western-style with tar-tar sauce or enjoy it the Japanese way by dipping it in a little soy sauce and wasabi. You can even try the chuka (中華, Chinese-style) version with some stir-fried vegetables. Don’t belittle the Hotate Furai because of its simple appearanceーit is an award-winning dish officially recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan!



Relish the flavour of this exceptionally tender Grilled Hotate Steak. Minced and cooked in the form of a steak, a little butter and salad oil is added on a sizzling hot skillet. As one of the popular seasonal seafoods from Monbetsu of the Okhostk area in Hokkaido, the hotate steak goes perfect with some greens and fresh produce of the area. Because of its exceptional texture, it also works well with gratin or even curry stew.


Besides tender hotate, don’t miss out on trying the famed smoked mackerel from Aomori!

Caught off the coast of Hachinohe during autumn in the Aomori Prefecture, the mackerel is carefully smoked at low temperatures to bring out the best flavours. Known for its irresistible fatty taste and addictive aroma, smoked mackerel is best eaten as sashimi.

Enjoy it with Japanese sake and get a melt-in-your-mouth sensation as you chew on its mellow texture. The luxurious flavour of the smoked mackerel is so delicious that it has attained the Silver Award under the Monde Selection.

You can now get a taste of these delectable seafood that have won various accolades not just in Japan but also globally at the September fish seminar held at Tanpopo Loft!


From now till 29 Aug’18, head to our FB page, LIKE & SHARE this post, and tell us which TWO parts of Japan the hotate (Japanese scallops) from this seminar come from to stand a chance to attend the seminar and taste this amazing fish featured! Remember, the venue and timing is different from before so do take note~

*NOTE: A winner only gets maximum 2 spots for the seminar. Other members will not be allowed to enter.
If you are unable to make it, we will give up your slot to someone else. Please do not be late for the event.
Thank you for your kind understanding!


Every month, JF Zengyoren import fresh seasonal fish from different Japanese prefectures for your learning and sampling pleasure. If you’re interested to learn more about the Fish Seminar head to our Facebook page to find out how you can reserve your seat.

The Japanese Fish Seminar
Sat, 8 Sep’18   |  2pm~
Tanpopo Loft
Liang Court #04-01, 177 River Valley Road




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