From its origins in the Edo Period, to its development in the 1980s till today, the concept of donburi has been globalised and recognised all over the world. Although it is still evolving, now is the time to see the awakening of new donburi creations, or even the rediscovery of authentic lost flavours from the past.
In fact, this is the prefect time to…

Dive into a bowl of possibilities with us at

Here are some of the event highlights you can look forward to!

#1 Daily Rice

Over the course of our three-day event, our rice sponsors have kindly provided us with three different types of Japanese rice to savour.


#2 Wide Selection of Delectable Toppings

Rice is considered the soul of the Japanese people. When you top a variety of ingredients onto your rice bowl, you add a whole lot of personality and flavour to your own mealーthat this is the very essence of donburi. It’s time to be adventurous and explore the endless possibilities with your D.I.Y rice bowl. Let your imagination run wild and get your creative juices flowing as you put together your very own original donburi.

Expect six booths of mouth-watering delights to pile up on your rice!
・Stamina Don from TEPPEI Group
・Unatama Don from TEPPI Group
・Tokyo Gyuniku Don with Onsen Tamago from OMOTE
・Japanese Curry with Ontama from kokonoE Kitchen Stage
・Ten Don from Tendon Ginza Itsuki
・Roast Beef Don by Shimada Seimen Shokudo x SNAFFLES


#3 Learn More about Japanese Rice and Culture

What is a donburi event without introducing a little Japanese culture to our visitors? Besides having fun creating your D.I.Y donburi, do swing by the other booths where a variety of other vendors introduce different aspects of Japan from travel, tourism, rice and even sake! There will be four different


#4 Join in the Exciting Hands-on Activities

From live demonstrations to cooking workshops, there are ample opportunities for you to bond with your loved ones with our list of interactive and engaging programme line-up.

・Perfect the Art of Healthy Cooking with HITACHI
Looking for the most up-to-date equipment to help enhance your everyday cooking? Come witness HITACHI’s live cooking shows promoting their latest advanced Pressure and Steam Induction Heating (IH) Rice Cooker and their Superheated Steam Microwave Oven.

*You can visit their website for more details about their products.

・Try your hand at making Onigiri and Temari Sushi with ABC Cooking Studio
The popular Japanese culinary school will be hosting hands-on workshops on all three days of the event. Come join in the fun with your little ones and create delicious meals together! Their Onigiri workshop is only available for walk-in, at $2 per participant with maximum capacity of 20 students. For their Temari Sushi workshop, do reserve a spot online at $4 per person, maximum 15 participants per session.

・Take part in a traditional Mochi Tsuki Ceremony supported by KUBOTA
A common food in the Japanese household, mochi is especially significant as it is traditionally eaten during the Japanese New Year celebration. You might have seen this mochi-making process before, whereby a wooden mallet is raised and then brought down with force into the mortar where a mass of rice is placed. This pounding is repeated in a rhythmical manner until a finely grained sticky rice dough is produced. You can be a part of this experience on 20 Oct’18 (Sat) and 21 Oct’18 (Sun)!

Photo by ivva

#5 Win with these On-site Campaigns

Want to have a taste of different kinds of Japanese rice? Visitors can participate in our numerous campaigns and stand a chance to bring home bags of rice, courtesy of our kind rice sponsors from Japan!

Event Details
Donburi Revolution 2018

19-21 Oct’18 (Fri-Sun)
11am – 9pm
Marina Square Central Atrium

Sign up here to get a free bowl of rice for the event!






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