SAKEA31_KANPAI_LOGOThis month’s brewery: Tempoichi (天寶一酒造)

Established in 1910 in Fukuyamashi, Hiroshima, Tempoichi is a small brewery that works together with local famers to produce high-quality sake by making the best of the prefecture’s naturally warm climate and high-quality water source.

Brew Master Naoki Takada stands in the middle
Brew Master Naoki Takada stands in the middle of his brewing team.

The brewery believes that “sake is the partner of dishes and helps to bring out the deliciousness of food” which is why they only use high-quality, locally-grown Hattannishiki to brew their sake.

Tempoichi has even formed an alliance with the local farmers to grow the brewery-standard rice to ensure its rich flavour.


One local favourite produced by Tempochi is their Tokubesujumai Hattannishiki Nama Genshu. The sake has a subtle mascot-like fruity aroma that emphasizes the sake’s freshness. It has a soft and rich sweetness, influenced by the rice, that is followed by a slightly bitter aftertaste.

The sake can be enjoyed chilled or at room temperature. In fact as the the sake warms up, its flavour will become sweeter and sweeter!

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