SAKEA31_KANPAI_LOGOThis month’s brewery: Kikuzakari Shuzo (喜久盛酒造)

Located in Iwate prefecture, Kikuzakari Shuzo was the only brewery in Kitakami City before moving to Hanamaki City when it was damaged by the earthquake in 2011. With only one brew master, this brewery is focused on producing only junmaishu (純米酒) and is the last sake brewery in Iwate to do so.

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Junmaishu refers to sake made without additional starches, sugars and brewer’s alcohol. It is often considered the highest grade of sake. Junmaishu is typically more heavy and full-bodied than other types of sake, with a stronger rice influenced flavour.  Kikuzakari Shuzo’s junamishu attains this rich flavour through their unique blendof kakehashi (かけはし), a locally grown rice, yeast and pure spring water.

SAKEA31_Taxi_Driver_junmai_NamaOne of their bestselling sake is called Taxi Driver Junmai Nama (純米原酒タクシードライバー). This sake has a gentle aroma and a rich, creamy taste which makes it enjoyable either chilled or warmed. As the temperature of the rice wine changes, its taste changes subtly as well, making it a drink that can follow you comfortably throughout a meal without you having to worry about keeping it warm or cold. Its tart aftertaste is the main focus of this sake, which makes it idea to be paired with beef or dishes overflowing with meaty juices.

This freshly brewed sake is usually bottled within 10 days after pressing so that its flavour can be enjoyed to the very last drop.

Taxi Driver Flavour Chart


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