This month’s brewery: Yameiendo Shuzo (山栄遠藤酒造)

Found in the southern part of Yamagata, this brewery is surrounded by a plethora of rich natural resources which allows them to brew ambrosial bottles of sake year after year.

The brewery makes use of the clean air, pure snow, specially grown rice and clear and soft mountain water to maintain the quality of their sake. Committed to brewing excellence, the sake master and assistants also often attend brewing workshops to constantly improve their skills.

For the month of May, they have specially produced a limited edition sake called Shiroishizuku. This sake has been brewed in a smaller amount and is so exclusive that it is not even available in Japan.

Shiroshizuku is a tokubetsu junmai nigori nama genshu (特別純米うすにごり生酒白い雫). Tokubetsu means special, while junmai refers to pure sake that has no added starches, sugars or brewer’s alcohol. Nigori literally means “cloudy” and refers to unfiltered sake that still contains unfermented rice solids that give the sake a cloudy appearnce. Nama genshu is a sake that has no water added and it is not pasteurised – making it a fresh, undiluted sake. This means that the sake has a full-bodied, creamy rice-flavour.

This fragrant sake has a fresh peach aroma and light sparkling texutre making it popular with the ladies. It is also best served chilled, making it a great drink during warm, summery days.

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To find out how to order this bottle click the image below. Be sure to place your order by 20 May ’16.

Sake tip

Nama sake must be kept refrigerated so that the enzymes in the sake will not activate and cause the sake to go bad. It could
also be consumed quickly after opening.


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