This month’s brewery: KIKUNOSATO SHUZO (菊の里酒造)

SAKEMARU brings you the perfect sake to pair with all foods.

Found on a lush land where the Nasu River and its tributaries flow, this month’s featured brewery is located at the southern tip of Nasu Kogen highlands. Because of the abundance in spring water surrounding the village, the area has been active in agricultural activities such as rice cultivation for a long period of time.

kikunosato2The sake’s brand name, Daina (大那), was formed using 2 characters; Dai (大) means great or vast while na (那) refers to the name of the region Nasu (那須) upon which the brewery stands.

The sake is made using special brewery rice produced with only half the amount of fertilizer and agrochemicals compared to normal rice. No artificial yeast or lactic acid is used by the sake masters in what they call the Kimoto method of brewing. This ancient approach takes around four weeks to create shubo (酒母, seed mash), which is twice as much time and effort as the normal “quick fermentation” method.

dainaAnother key part of the brewing process is the strict temperature control maintained by the brew masters to mature the sake. At Kikunosato Suzo, three refrigerators keep the temperature from fluctuating to bring out the flavour of the sake.

As such, Daina has a complex flavour compared to most sakes, with a robust umami and slight tanginess. This sake can be drunk either warm or chilled. When warmed, the sharp tartness of the sake becomes milder and makes for smoother drinking.

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Sake tips

Warm up this month’s featured sake to 40℃ to bring out the creaminess and mellow out the sharp taste when pairing with food.


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