This month’s brewery: AZUMATSURU BREWERY (東鶴酒造)


Enjoy a sip of this month’s refreshing and fruity sake.

SAKEMARU’s special selection of the month is a sweet sake from Saga Prefecture (佐賀県), Kyushu. Brewed in the only remaining brewery in Taku City (多久市), the quantity of each batch of sake produced is very limited, and the quality is thus easy to control.

The brewery has a history of more than 180 years, and is currently being helmed by the sixth generation owner and brew master, Nonaka Yasunari. After honing his skills in Tokyo and Yamaguchi Prefecture, he returned to Taku City and has since been brewing only junmai sake (純米酒) to date.

Despite his youthful age, the brew master at Azumatsuru has begun to challenge traditional breweries with his fresh brewing style, and his new brands of sake are quickly gaining favour from sake fans.


The Azumatsuru Tokubetsu Junmai Omachi Arabashiri Nama (東鶴特別純米雄町荒走り生) uses Omachi rice from local farmers, which has bold and earthy flavour. Hard water from the Mt. Tenzan (天山), which contains calcium and magnesium, is also used to create a well-balanced sake.

Arabashiri Nama has subtle apple notes, with a slightly sour aftertaste following each mouthful. Compared with the rich taste of most of Saga Prefecture’s classic sakes, this label is more refreshing.

SAKEMARU is only bringing a limited 35 bottles of this exclusive sake to Singapore, so remember to subscribe and get your hands on one today!

Sake tips

Pair sweet sake with tart or acidic foods such as a vinegared appetizer or fish such as salmon. Fruity sake go well with cured
meats, such as prosciutto.


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