Cute pets rule Instagram, and here are some that you should definitely be following!

Cats Are Weird

Not at cats are weird, but these two definitely fall into this category.


I mean, they have some really derpy poses. Or actions. Or expressions.

Instagram: guremike

Tasuku and His Inseparable Friend

Tasuku and Muu the French Bulldog grew up together. They can be found side by side throughout the day, be it napping, playing or watching telly.

With the addition of a younger brother, Setsu, you can now look forward to triple the action and cuteness!


Instagram: ayasakai


Japanese pet owners adore hedgehogs, given the countless insta accounts dedicated to them. However, Matthew the Hedgehog is one notable account to follow.


Using simple props, a clean backdrop and creativity, each post is artistically conjured to wow you and me!

 Instagram: matthewthehedgehog

The Many Hats of Sana

Sana is a white Shiba Inu from Nagoya, who wears many hats. Literally.

Instagram: uminoriharu

Ginger + Bread x2

Armed with two adorable ginger meows and a knack for making amazing pastries, this insta account is both a visual and yummy treat!

Are you in love yet?


Instagram: u_m_e_c_o

Dada Makes You Happy

The owner creatively captures a variety of Dada moments that makes scrolling through this insta account a pleasure.


Pup – seal or dog?


Detective at work

This tiny ball of fur always has a smile on its face, which is sure to bring a smile to yours too!


Instagram: dog_dada

Double Trouble

Bisco and Pino are unusual pets, but adorable nonetheless. These energetic ferrets can be endearing yet chaotic at times. Your life will never be boring!

Sweet when asleep, feisty when awake.

Disclaimer: Please DO NOT keep wild animals as pets.

Instagram: pyonjet915

Momo Ramu Babu

Momo the Miniature Pinscher, Ramu the Pug and Babu the French Bulldog are seldom seen without their coats (not the ones they were born with).


These three mini toughies of Japan love to dress up in style as they strut down the streets!

Instagram: momoramubabu

Do you know any great Instapet accounts? Let us know!

*Header image taken from the famous marutaro insta!




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