Calling all geeks and geekettes! JRunway has brought in some out of this world fan merchandise you definitely don’t want to miss.

Poneycomb Tokyo has collaborated with big franchises like Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney to create stylish fashion clothes featuring some of your favourite characters such as shirts and bags. Check then out below:

Avengers Assemble!

Still reeling from the effects of Civil War? Whether you’re on #TeamIronMan, #TeamCapt or just out to #GetLoki, this series has character shirts for everyone, so you can choose your side to get ready for the next big Marvel movie!

If you still can’t decide, check out their Avengers bags instead which feature the main cast in the style of the bronze age comics.

In a galaxy (not so) far, far away…

The force is strong with this series that is sure to please any Star Wars fan. There’s something for everyone from the light, dark and the “no mystical energy field” side of the force; from the courageous Luke Skywalker (who is “here to save you”) and dashing Finn to the charming Han Solo, lovable Chewie and legendary Hutt Slayer Princess Leia Organa.

 BB-8 Graphic Tee, $59
BB-8 Graphic Tee, $59

You could roll around like BB-8 and have a ball…

Star Wars Zipper Back Pack, $179
Star Wars Zipper Back Pack, $179

or scour the outer rim for scum for Jabba like Bobba Fett with your own nifty backpack.

Just don’t be like the Storm Troopers and miss out on such fashionable pieces.
Buy these, you will.

It’s a kind of magic

A dream is a wish your heart makes…and Poneycomb has made it come true with their selection of products featuring Disney Princesses, Chip’n’Dale, Mickey Mouse and friends, and other classic Disney movie characters.

Lion King Zipper Backpack, $179
Lion King Zipper Backpack, $179

Say Hakuna Matata and explore the Pridelands with this awesome backpack. Just remember to fill it up with grub before you go.

If the African savannah isn’t for you, why not drop into Wonderland with Alice and the Hatter or fly to Never Never Land with Peter Pan – all you’ll need is a little faith, trust and pixie dust – although a super cool graphic tee wouldn’t hurt either.

The character shirts are unisex which makes them ideal for a couple- or twin-day outing with your BFF or loved ones!

These are just the highlights from Poneycomb’s expansive collection at JRunway. Click here to see the rest of their collection.


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There are many categories for all budgets to shop from: $19 And Under, All $29, All $39, Further Markdowns and More Than 50% OFF. The Great Singapore Sale ends on 14 Aug ‘16.

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