Melon pan メロンパン: A gorgeous, sweet and fluffy bun covered with a layer of crisp cookie dough.

You will be mero mero (メロメロ, madly in love) after a bite of this delicious pastry. But, its short shelf life means you can’t bring suitcases full of them back with you 🙁

Bakers can check out the video below to learn how to make your own turtle bread♡

And maybe, bake a really huge one!

If, for any reason you can’t bake, you can get the huge melon bread at some branches of Mont-Thabor, which has many shops across the Kinki and central regions, and East Japan (Japanese site here). The cute turtle melon pan featured above is from Pan Rizotta (PAN リゾッタ) which can be found in Ikebukuro’s Tobu Department Store.

But merely savouring melon pan isn’t enough for the diehard fans. Here are some reasons to visit Japan and get your fill of melon bread goodness!

1. Declare your love ♡ with this tote bag

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2. Save your money for more melon pan in here

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3. Accessorise with some cute miniature charms 

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4.Put your phone on a melon pan

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5. No melon pan in your vicinity? Use this melon pan spread!

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Finally, check out this excellent online shop, Minne, for many adorable accessories to melon-fy your life!







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