Movie Review: Attack on Titan End of the World (進撃の巨人 エンド オブ ザ ワールド)

This review contains spoilers for
Attack on Titan and Attack on Titan:
End of the World.


The sequel to Attack on Titan, Attack on Titan: End of the World, starts where the first movie left off with the revelation that Eren is a titan in human skin.

The first quarter of the film is made up of tedious back story and layers of pointless exposition as a lazy way to bring viewers up to speed. The fact that  the first film could be compressed so succinctly makes you wonder if this mediocre two-parter movie could have potentially been one great, long movie instead.


Passing out after his first transformation, regrowing a leg and saving his friends, Eren is captured and held at the mercy of Kubal. In the midst of a “to kill or not to kill” argument Souda starts to spill the beans on the titans. This includes the fact that Eren has an older brother but is killed by Kubal before he can say any more.


Just as things are about to escalate into a full fledged fight, another titan breaks into the makeshift holding area and kidnaps Eren


…while casually squishing attackers in his grip. Similar to the first movie, the human on titan action is gory and ends as quickly as it started. And just like in the previous instalment, Hanji is the only one excited about the turn in the events, almost comically ecstatic at the revelation of another sentient titan.

Capture12Almost as if to make up for the lack of romance in the sequel, Eren and Shikishima partake in awkward bro-mance for the next few scenes. Shikishima tries to seduce Eren into joining his rebellion by revealing the truth behind their origins, the walls and the government’s ulterior motives through an almost psychedelic cut sequence.

By this point you should have figured out the secret identity of the Armored Titan. BUT is he Eren’s brother? We will never know as the film provides no closure to this at all.


Meanwhile, Mikasa and the rest of the squad make plans to return to where it all started with the intent to use the huge, dormant nuclear bomb to plug the gaping hole in the wall and keep the man-eating titans at bay.

This ultimately leads to the film’s climatic fight as Eren decides to go against Shikishima and use the bomb to plug the hole instead of stealing it to blow up the inner walls.


Undeniably the best part of the film, the titan on titan fight is suitable larger than life, acrobatic, violent and exciting. Like most tokusatsu (special effects) films, the characters look and move  like they’ve been pulled from an expensive Ultraman movie –  think men in rubber suits fighting amongst a miniaturised city against a green screen.


Just as you think you’re about to suffer from a lack of human-on-titan battles, out pops Kubal who transforms into the Colossal Titan.


The human cast prove their most useful at this point with Armin masterminding the explosion, Sasha serving as his protector while Mikasa and a human Eren as the distraction leaving Hanji as the penultimate demolition master. After destorying Kubal, the team makes their way to the top of the wall to stare out at a desolate, dystopian city and wonder if there was a point to all the fighting.

Well, at lest Mikasa got the see the sea.

As the credits start to roll, there is a prompt to tell audiences about a special post-credits scene. We recommend that you not stay for it. It doesn’t better the story in anyway, if anything it actually makes it worse.

The movie’s theme song, SOS, sung by Sekai no Owari is simpler, more melancholic song than the earlier ANTI-HERO, depending on the vocals and piano (accompanied by a guitar) to carry the songs emotions.

Attack on Titan: End of the World is a thoroughly unsatisfying movie, severely lacking in story and character progression. It has a ridiculous post-credit scene that provides a cheap excuse as closure to the movie and the only saving grace are the action packed scenes of titan on titan battles.

We give this one 2 WA out of 5.

Check out the trailer below:

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    • Hi @tintin! Well, there was basically a voice over saying “the experiments have escaped the compound” which revealed that everyone within the walls and the titans were a part of an experiment.


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