Nagasaki played a prominent role in Japan’s international exchanges and foreign influences could be observed in places like Dejima, Japan’s sole trading spot for many years.

Known as the ‘Port of Cranes,’ Nagasaki has a world-class nightscape when viewed from Mount Inasa. While touring the city’s attractions, remember to visit Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum to learn more about its tragic history.

Huis Ten Bosch ハウステンボス

Dedicated to the historical ties between Japan and the Netherlands, Huis Ten Bosch is an expansive Dutch-inspired theme park. From European architecture to windmills and canals, this dazzling resort attract many holiday-goers, especially during spring’s tulip festival and summer’s fireworks show.

Unzen Onsen 雲仙温泉

Enveloped by billowing steam from geysers, Unzen onsen is located on the volcanic grounds of Japan’s oldest national park. Locals enjoy immersing in the acidic and sulphurous hot spring water that possesses healing qualities.

Shippoku 卓袱料理

Shippoku is the epitome of Nagasaki’s fine dining. This Chinese banquet style cuisine was first assembled by the Chinese but it also includes western elements. The roundtable feast showcases elegantly plated dishes like braised pork, fish and vegetables before ending with desserts.


Introduced by Portuguese missionaries, Castella is Nagasaki’s iconic soft sponge cake with an illustrious history. Made using ingredients like flour, sugar and eggs, this irresistible dessert has evolved with new flavours like matcha, chocolate and even cheese!

Turkish Rice トルコライス


Nagasaki’s invention of a western plate lunch, Turkish rice is an eccentric yet appealing hybridised dish of spaghetti, pilaf, pork cutlet doused in delectable sauces. Surprisingly, this dish is not linked to the country Turkey!


Created initially as a nutritious yet economical meal for Chinese students living in Nagasaki, this hearty dish fills the stomach with its thick noodles which absorb the essence of the savoury broth and accompanying meat, seafood and vegetables.

(This feature first appeared on WAttention Singapore magazine, Sep/Oct 2017 Vol. 40)




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